The London Pen Show 2016

The London Pen Show 2016

Also known as The London Writing Equipment Show

We are pleased to let everyone know that we will be making an appearance at The London Pen Show in…well, London on Sunday 2 October. We are not big on doing shows or going out to meet the public which is odd since a) we spent so many years running shops and b) we are known for being very welcoming to people who come and pay a visit to our offices in the wasteland of NW10.

The purpose of the show is showcase all things pens, so if you love your fountain pens then maybe this is the show for you. I have to be honest and say I haven’t been before but Mishka has and will have to be contractually forced to man the Bureau table with us else she will be off all day gazing longingly at pens and nibs.

For us, we have decided to do this partly because it is a great opportunity to do something different to online selling, but also because we have teamed up with KWZ of Poland to showcase the launch of their inks here in the UK. We are calling them Kwizzi as that is what they have been known as round the office. There will be 39 standard colours and KWZ will be there to demonstrate the inks plus some iron gall inks. We will be there to…well, hopefully sell the inks and we are taking along some other stationery with some special deals on the day.

The London Pen Show is at the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury, and doors open at 10.00 until 4.00. It costs just £5 on the door and is not a bad way to spend your Sunday if you like pens.

See more over at the official website – click here to see more.


Reader Comments

  1. Im really pleased that someone is going to make KWiZZi inks available in the UK. Ive seen these inks on The Pen Habit and they are interesting. There will be a lot of questions regarding the safety of the iron gall inks I would think with concerns to the safe use in high end pens.
    Best wishes for the Pen Show.

    1. Hi Lez 🙂

      We will spend some time with Konrad and Agnieszka (aka Mr and Mrs KWZ lol) and work out the plan how to sell Iron Galls. I have a bottle of IG Turquoise which is awesome – it got darker after a day and it’s waterproof…

    1. Hi Sue – look out for it on Wednesday. Lots of bottles due in although you never know – it may just sell out instantly! Should be fine though.

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