London Pen Show 2016 – The Next Generation

London Pen Show 2016 – The Next Generation

max the blogger

We Introduce Max

At the recent London Pen Show we were quite impressed by the range of people of all ages, which helped remind us that stationery isn’t a dying art. One particular person who came by our table early on was Max, who clearly had a love of pens and ink. The funny thing was that I thought he was being dragged round the show by his Mum but I think it turned out to be the complete opposite. Max knew his pens and ink and was already aware of the infamous KWZ honey ink before the show. After he’d left our table we talked about how we should have asked him to write a blog piece and what a shame we didn’t think of it sooner. Luckily for us he came back by our table an hour or so later and we floated the idea. So in return for a nice bottle of KWZ ink Max generously went away and wrote about why he loves pens and ink.

My name is Max, I am 13 years old and I enjoy writing with fountain pens. Despite this hobby of mine only being half a year old, it has become a key element of my life that has not only made me happy, but has also improved various aspects of school.

This year I start my GCSE courses (major exams that nearly every 15-16 year old takes in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) which are very important for what job I can get when I’m older so I have to study… a lot. I have been starting to create various revision materials for the smaller exams that I take at school with my fountain pens and inks! I have made systems that incorporate various ink colours and nib widths to make each topic different, and easy to identify. Since doing this, my life has completely changed.

I’ll give you an example: In my English exam in Spring, I got a Grade 6 (equivalent to a B) and at that point I didn’t use fountain pens. But then sometime in the Spring break, I joined the hobby, improved my handwriting and bought a TWSBI Eco and in the same exam I got a Grade 8 (The second highest, equivalent to a A*ish). Note that I am not very good at English, but you can clearly see the benefits of using fountain pens. I believe that using fountain pens, and caring about what you write and how you write it, helps me retain the information for longer which could be the reason for this improvement. Facts like this just show that fountain pens are awesome.

In the past 10 years, the world of technology has become extremely accessible to younger and younger people and nowadays, everybody has a phone. Nobody cares about writing anymore and nobody cares whether they are enjoying writing or not. Writing has become a chore. Some people in my class at school do use fountain pens – mainly Lamy Safaris – however none of them seem to care about how it writes or what pleasure they will get from it, rather they buy it so that they don’t have to throw it out, or that it’s cheaper than buying a new ballpoint all the time. I am the only person who doesn’t think that writing is chore.

That’s it, nowadays everyone hates writing, but for me, it’s my hobby. I have begun to write letters to people, just because I want to use my pens, or I have written long pages of just words, because on every stroke I am enjoying myself. Writing letters is generally something nobody does anymore, it’s inconvenient and I can completely agree with that, but there is just something about sitting down and writing a letter which makes writing letters, so much fun. I’m not saying that texting is bad. It’s great, because now we can text someone saying “Can you close the window, it’s raining” and they will get it instantly, and close the window. With letters, you obviously cannot do that, but letters have a time and place.

Writing has become an integral part of my life and something that because I school, I just can’t give up. Not that I would want to give it up anyway.

There you go!

I reckon KWZ ink sounds good. I’m loving the Honey and Green Gold I got at the Pen show. I’ve already gone through a full Lamy 2000 fill with the Honey!


ps: Max asked for a shoutout to Mr Quinlan at his school who is his latin teacher and also appreciates pens. How can we not acknowledge a fellow pen lover?

Reader Comments

  1. Wow! Wat a lovely post and how nice to know that wherever technology may take us…writing will always be there…! I guess there is never an age or time to get urself into inks, pens, journals, lettering, writing…ive developed mine at 35 after 3 kids!! Im only a beginner…but cant wait to explore it a lot more!!!

  2. Well done lad… keep it up. And you are right about the way young people view writing. You have a PASSION and if you develop that by practising calligraphic hands (Mishka’s writing course blog) keep those for special…everyone has a scribble hand for notes but using fountain pens makes the writing look better and as you have to go slower , more legible.
    Best wishes lad… nice to meet someone with some sense.

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