The Bureau 2016 Stationery Awards

The Bureau 2016 Stationery Awards

Bureau 2016 Stationery Awards

This is the 5th edition now of our annual Stationery Awards. For those not familiar with the routine, everyone here at Bureau gets to vote to nominate their favourite stationery items of the year, in 1-5 order. Points are duly given and added up and the top 10 is arrived at.

No.10 (joint placed)

In a three-way tie for 10th place were the Moleskine Peanuts diaries, the Mark’s Cockatoo Storage.It notebooks and the Lamy LX.


In an worthy 9th and 8th place respectively we voted the CitiX 60 guides and the TWSBI Eco fountain pens.


Yet another TWSBI – the Lava Orange 580 edition – grabbed 7th place and in 6th it was something I use everyday (but oddly didn’t vote for) – the Blackwing Volume 56 (the one based on Joe di Maggio and baseball jerseys).


Getting to the serious end of the awards, in a Top 5 place was the fairly recent Lunacy edition which felt like a return to form from Field Notes, and has sold amazingly well.


After much discussion we finally took the plunge and brought in the full range of Diamine inks. That’s over 100 inks, and the risk paid off as they have proved hugely popular, with customers and it would seem with staff as well as it has come in at No.4.


And so into the Top 3 and Diamine yet again gets the nod. The new shimmer inks added 12 new colours to the range and as this image shows, they are stunning.


And yet another ink! We were so pleasd when Konrad and Agnieszka at KWZ decided to launch their ink in the UK with us and it has proved a real winner – there is no end to the demand for their Honey ink it would seem.


And so to the winner. And given that six people in the office have one (if you include Isaac, who bought one before he left) it is no great surprise. The Kanken backpack from Fjallraven is already a cult item (just see how many of the distinctive red fox badge you can spot on a trip in London), and are set to get bigger next year it would appear. Simple and practical.

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