Lamy Al-Star 2017 – Sneak Peek

Lamy Al-Star 2017 – Sneak Peek

Hi folks,

Pen enthusiasts every year speculate about the new colours of Lamy Al-Star and Safari. I love these pens, so I have been following the rumors of ‘another green’ with great joy 🙂 Al-Star colour for 2017 has now been confirmed and …. drumroll please … it is bright turquoise called PACIFIC! Lamy will release fountain pens, matching rollerball & ballpoint pens, ink in T10 cartridges and European market should get a big T52 bottle of special edition ink on 1st of February 2017.

Here is a sneak peek…


Mishka (^_~)

Lamy Al-Star Pacific

Reader Comments

  1. That’s absolutely beautiful! I’m really pleased with this choice from Lamy.

    Hopefully they will feel like they have exhausted all the green options now.

    I would love a proper purple – Black Violet was rather too red-toned for me; I would like one that was more blue-toned, like indigo.

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