3 Reasons You Can’t Live Without Washi Tape

3 Reasons You Can’t Live Without Washi Tape

washi tape

Discover how washi tape can transform your life!

Firstly, for those of you who don’t know what Washi Tape is, it’s a Japanese low tack masking tape made in bright colours and beautiful designs. The low tack adhesive allows you to remove it without marking and reposition it easily making it great for labelling and decorating. It is one of those products which can at first have you scratching your head and wondering what you would do with it but eventually you realise just how useful it is and wonder how you ever managed without it.

In an attempt to show just how useful this stuff is, I did a quick check around our office and asked people for their top three uses of Washi Tape. Some people chose the same reasons but then I guess that just demonstrates how good it is for certain tasks.

3 washi tape tips: Dominic's choices

First off, Dominic who has gone for three practical ideas:

1. Marking chargers and leads. Anyone who has had to share a phone or laptop charger will know the familiar issue of ever finding the right charger again. A simple bit of washi tape on the charger and plug and it’s easily identified as your charger. No more arguments over who’s USB lead that was!

washi tape tips - charger leads
Use washi tape to mark your charger leads

2. Keys. A similar idea but again,once you are faced with more than a few spare keys you can never work out which one fits which lock. A small bit of washi tape and you can colour code your keys. Pop them in an envelope, add a bit of washi tape to the envelope as well and you can create a handy key (no pun intended) to the keys.

Washi tape ideas - mark your keys
Mark your keys with washi tape

3. Make your own noticeboard. This one takes a bit more effort, I know, but with a spirit level and pencil (and some patience!) you can easily mark out where to put the tape, and if you neatly trim the ends then you too can end up with your own version of our staff noticeboard. If I can do it…

Washi tape ideas - noticeboard
Make a noticeboard with washi tape

3 washi tape tips: Emma's choices

Emma has chosen the same top use as Dominic proving how brilliant the idea is but then gets a bit more creative, as is her way.

1. Tagging electronics cables. So I know which is which (or whose) iPhone, camera, Kindle.

2. Marking page edges in my notebook (predictable, I know..). This is done by wrapping a piece of tape over the edge of a page vertically so that you get a coloured marker to divide up the book into sections.

Washi tape ideas - page edge markers
Make simple page markers using washi tape

3. Decorating wrapped presents. Creating borders, using tape as a label, patterns using tape, decorating the tags. You can also decorate letters to make them stand out.

Washi tape ideas - wrap a present
Decorate a wrapped present with washi tape

3 washi tape tips: Faisal's choices

Faisal, a keen photographer, has a more unusual use for the tape.

1. Holding things in place. When taking photos or marking out the “stage”. This is useful when you need to remember exactly where an item was between shots.

Washi tape ideas - floor markings
Use washi tape to create a simple marker

2. Food packets. Closing half opened packets of food e.g. crisps, cakes, pasta.

3. Sticking notes to things. Like a Post-it note.

Washi tape ideas - post notes
Don't mark that wall! Use washi tape instead

3 washi tape tips: Mishka's choices

Mishka shares the love of page marking with Emma but has a couple of other ideas.

1. Pen grips. A piece of tape around the top of your fountain pen can make grip less slippery and easier to hold.

Washi tape ideas - pen grips
Washi tape can mark up pens or create pen grips

2. Paper reinforcing. You can use tape to reinforce punched paper in folders. When holes have torn or before they do, you can add strip of Washi Tape and punch through that. Super strong!

Washi tape ideas - punched paper
Washi tape can reinforce punched paper

3. Bullet Journaling! Bookmarking pages for Bujo or Bullet Journaling. Easy way to divide up your book in to sections, can be on ends of page to make index or to make markers.

Washi tape ideas - bullet journals
Washi tape in your bullet journal!

3 washi tape tips: My choices

For myself, I keep a couple of rolls at home and mostly use it for practical purposes.

1. Food. My absolute top use is labelling food, especially for the freezer. I use the plain tapes and then label and date everything I put in there. I forgot to do this recently and was rewarded with a bag of tagliatelle for my stir fry instead of noodles. Very annoying.

Washi tape ideas - food packets
Use washi tape to mark food packets or containers

2. Sticking notes up around the house. To remind teenagers to do stuff – “Unload the dishwasher please”, We need milk” and “Do Not Eat This!” would be examples

3. Emergency wrapping paper. Making plain or kraft paper into emergency wrapping paper for a present when I have run out. The patterned versions are good for this. It can look fantastic.

Washi tape ideas - wrapping a present
Make a plain present amazing with washi tape

There are many Pinterest pages devoted to this amazing product, in particular the decorative uses where people have covered lampshades, bookcases and even a car. We even have our own Washi Tape Pinterest Board that you can browse.

Reader Comments

  1. Washi tape is very addictive! I use it to edge the pages of my journal (and sometimes thinner washi tape is used as lines to mark out an area), instead of sticky tape when wrapping presents and to hold things in place. My niece, however, just loves to use as much washi tape as she can on the pictures she draws!

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