Pantone Colour Of The Year 2017

Pantone Colour Of The Year Stationery

Pantone Greenery - Colour Of The Year For 2017

Each year for well over 15 years now, there has been a ‘Pantone Colour of the Year’. This year it is a bright and lively shade of green. Called Greenery. Or PANTONE 15-0343 for the official pantone reference. We have highlighted the choice for many years now – you can see the previous choices at the end of this article – but this year we have gone one better. Inspired by the choice of colour we put together some stationery inspired by and starting with their chosen shade of green. Obviously the chances of us having stationery that perfectly matched the right shade was a tall order, but it is surprising how well we did.

pantone greenery

A Whole House?

In other related Pantone Colour Of The Year news, and one that slightly inspired this blog piece it should be said when Faisal shared it with the team, is the news that a whole house has been inspired by the shade of green, and you can even rent it out since it is listed on Airbnb – see more here

Pantone Colour of the Year House on Airbnb
Pantone Colour of the Year House on Airbnb

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