What is the difference between Lamy Turquoise and Pacific?

What is the difference between Lamy Turquoise and Pacific?

Spot the difference between Lamy Turquoise and Pacific ink

It's here! First Lamy Special edition of 2017!!!

Lamy Pacific has just arrived. Pens do look stunning! This special edition does come with matching ink which comes as T10 cartridges form or T52 bottle.

We have quickly unpacked the delivery Β – yes, I did scream a little πŸ™‚ these are the highlights of my work day πŸ™‚ and started testing. Pacific colour on the pens does impress. It is vibrant, bright turquoise. This edition has silver accents, so the clip and nib are both steel.

Ink cartridges are yet to come, but we did receive the bottles – excited to see them I posted the pictures on social media and people responded immediately with a question : what is the difference between Turquoise and Pacific ink?? I am happy to report the findings πŸ™‚

Have a look for yourself πŸ™‚

They do look almost identical, right?

We have reached out to Lamy and asked the question and they have confirmed that Pacific and Turquoise inks are indeed the same. Packaging is slightly different – Pacific gets the ‘special edition’ treatment πŸ™‚

Reader Comments

  1. I did ‘squee’ a bit myself when the e-mail came through that the pen was in! Ordered pen and bottle of Turquoise. Totally forgot to order convertor though. I was too excited and wasn’t thinking straight lol!

    Pen and ink (either Pacific or Turquoise!) look glorious!


  2. I think you should put a note on the website telling people it is the same ink. I ordered 2 bottles of ink, which have arrived, and felt a little miffed when I read it is the just same as the normal Turquoise.

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