A look at the Taroko Design notebook range

A look at the Taroko Design notebook range

Taroko Notebook with sample writing

In the second part of Taroko Design notebook trilogy I'd like to tell you about what we currently have our hands on.

The covers are made out of kraft paper and come in 3 colours, each corresponding to the ruling of the sheets within.

  • Blue cover – plain, white paper.
  • Brown cover – dots, spacing is 5×5, white paper with grey dots.
  • Dark cover – lines, spacing is 7mm, white paper with grey lines.

Steven, the mastermind behind Taroko Design, mentioned that the idea behind the subdued colour of the covers were to keep them understated and subtle. The focus should be placed more on the writer and words written inside. A real mascot against judging books by their covers! If you would like to gain further insight from the man himself you can read the full interview here.

Grey printing of the dots and lines is a lot easier on the eye than black or purple, so kudos here! 7mm is the perfect spacing for ruled notebooks, no matter how big or small the book is 🙂

Each notebook comes with:

  • 64 pages, 32 sheets of 68 gsm Tomoe River white paper
  • Staple binding
  • Rounded corners

Stapled notebooks let you have them open completely flat. You can use all of the paper, on both sides without fighting against the centre parting. Sweet!

3 different sizes, 3 paper rulings - 9 notebooks in total

Taroko Design Passport Notebook

The Passport notebook measures 124mm x 88mm and is the smallest in the range.

Compatible with small – passport Midori Traveler’s Notebook. If you haven’t tried Tomoe River paper yet, then I highly recommend getting this one and never looking back 🙂

I use Passport for swabbing ink samples. Great to use on the go as it fits just about anywhere. It’s perfect go-round little notebook.

It currently sells for £3.95. You can buy one here.

Taroko pocket comparison with Rhodia and Field Notes

Taroko Design Regular Notebook

The Regular notebook measures 110mm x 210mm, the goldilocks of the three.

Compatible with the beautifully crafted regular Midori Traveler’s Notebook. It may seem a little off due to it’s unusual long, slim shape but it has a special place in my book… 😉

Traveler’s Notebook is a huge stationery phenomenon and even tho we cannot sell covers, these refills are our best seller for a reason 🙂

It is currently £5.95 and you can get yours here.

Taroko regular comparison with Rhodia and Midori travellers

Taroko Design A5 notebook

This notebook is the big daddy and measures 148mm x 210mm, which is A5 surprisingly.

There’s no Traveler’s cover for this size unfortunately. Weep as you may but someone here had a brilliant idea to try a Mark’s storage.it A5 cover – it fits!!! This combo makes a pretty good travel companion. Hands up who already has one (or two) of those Mark’s storage.it notebooks.

It currently sells for £7.95. Click here if you want one.

Mark's Storage It Notebook with Taroko A5 notebook

One of the reasons why fountain pens and inks are so popular is because of the feeling you get when you use them. Having a juicy smooth fountain pen, ink with crazy sheen and Tomoe River paper is as good as it gets. It’s fun, it looks great and it feels magical.

I can go on about Tomoe River paper all day, so let’s save it for a separate blog post 🙂 To be continued…


*all prices mentioned were correct at time of writing*

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