Diamine Ink Review – Majestic Blue

Diamine Ink Review – Majestic Blue

Diamine Majestic Blue ink sheen

Ink review

I had no idea how positive the response to our last week’s review of Steel Blue ink would be, so here is another ink from Diamine range.

Diamine Majestic Blue is one of those rare inks that does sheen like a champion 🙂 Why did no one tell me about this ink earlier? The colour is a true blue, it flows very nicely even with the finest nibs. Sheen does take over and often covers the entire letter. Tomoe River is the best paper to display sheen, but this ink does show on other papers too.

Diamine Majestic Blue ink sheen closeup macro

The ink is not waterproof; it does not wash away completely, so I would happily use it to address envelopes.

Diamine Majestic Blue ink drop closeup

Diamine Majestic blue is as exciting as blue ink can be. It would make a perfect every day ink. Strange coming from teal/green/orange person 🙂 but I really do like this one.

Diamine Majestic Blue ink is available here.

Diamine - Majestic Blue

Sheen - Spectacular!
Saturation - Great!
Flow - Very Good!
Shading - Shows with Broader nibs
Water Resistance - Decent

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