Diamine Ink Review – Steel Blue

Diamine Ink Review – Steel Blue

Diamine Steel Blue close-up

Ink review

We love messing around with ink splats, but they don’t necessarily give you a true picture of what the ink looks like when you write with it.

The idea behind our reviews is to show the ink in different ways; with the paintbrush, with different nibs, different papers. One ink has many faces 🙂 For now we’ve picked our current Top 4 favourite fountain pen friendly papers : Rhodia White & Ivory, Leuchtturm and Tomoe River.

To kick off the ink reviews I picked Diamine Steel Blue because that is what is currently in my new TWSBI 580 AL pen – it seemed a perfect match 🙂 I keep going back to this ink – it looks great in demonstrators and feels almost electric on page. Saturation and flow are very generous, it cleans well too.

Diamine Steel Blue ink is available here.

Please let us know if there are any special categories we could add to the review and which inks would you like to see.

Diamine - Steel Blue

Saturation - Great!
Flow - Very Good!
Shading - Present
Water Resistance - Swim away
Sheen - None

Reader Comments

  1. I love these inks in my TWBSBI pen but have a problem in the kaweko sport as it clogs more easily, that must be the sheen particles, next time I won’t shake the ink up so well before filling. My current notebook is a hibi which I love especially for the horizontal elastic band – but the paper is a bit too thin for the TWBSBI generous flow, it shows through the back, the kaweko is better on it. Steel blue will be my next indulgence! ( notebooks used for writing very rough drafts for poems)

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