What’s Next For J. Herbin Anniversary Ink?

What’s Next For J. Herbin Anniversary Ink?

J Herbin Annniversary 1670 bottles

We have a quick look back at the golden lineage of J. Herbin Anniversary Inks and their beautiful shimmers. What do you think will be next?

In the Beginning

In the beginning, the humble 1670 Anniversary Inks started with a single incarnation called Hematite Red. This was one of their first inks to introduce a gold like reflection in the ink itself to add some magic to your writing. Although a brilliant red with a fantastic sheen, it never really garnered much critical acclaim but did start a small following. Not sure why, it is still a beautiful ink anyday.

(left: old formula, right: current formula)

J Herbin Anniversary 1670 Hematite Red old
J Herbin Anniversary 1670 Hematite Red new

J. Herbin went back to chemistry lab and had re-formulated the ink with real gold particles and came back with the ground breaking Ocean Blue. People started noticing that this was a serious line with a luxiourious look. Hematite Red was reformulated the same way and came back with a big revival. This will go down as a defining moment in the history books that helped define the gold/silver particle ink craze we have grown accustom to. With the foundations now set in place we were eager for the next.

J Herbin Anniversary 1670 Ocean Blue

All expectations flew out the window when Stormy Grey arrived at the scene. The build up in anticipation for this was on cloud nine and somehow when the ink was released we reached cloud ten. Oh boy did people go bananas for it. A classy look of gold shimmering upon a dark grey canvas. You could just about get away with it on office paperwork 🙂

J Herbin Anniversary 1670 Stormy Grey

You would think the story would have reached a climax but the 1670s had a super secret weapon for the next release. Emerald of Chivor, or as I refer to it as the Holy One. Our beliefs of gold and sheen shaken to the core by the unfound beauty that had been revealed to us. There will not be another ink like this in our generation. We have witnessed peak ink.

J Herbin Anniversary 1670 Emerald Of Chivor

Now surely we must be on the ink plateau, it can’t get better can it? No, nothing will ever come close to the Holy One, but among the rest Caroube De Chypre holds it’s own as a pleasant golden brown. Even if for it’s unfortunate choice of picturing on the box…

J Herbin Anniversary 1670 Caroube Chypre

With the Famous Five now set firmly in stone, that leaves us with a big question, what’s next? Will they be able to recreate another Emerald Of Chivor? What do you think will be next?

Oh and if you’d like to own one of your very own bottles, you can the get inks here: J. Herbin Anniversary Inks.
Swabs were done on Tomoe River paper, 68gsm, white found in the Taroko Design notebooks.

P.S. Remember to keep those pens clean to keep the gold flowing!

Reader Comments

  1. I love shimmery ink. I’m pretty sureiust wiped drool off my chin ? the stormy gray seems like it would be my everyday choice. But the Emerald! I think I could look at the emerald forever.

  2. I bought Caroube de Chypre in, I think, my first or second order with Bureau Direct and it remains my favourite ink. Never expected to love a brown ink EVER lol! Purple sounds like a sensible bet for hte next one, but whatever it is, it WILL be gorgeous!

  3. I have all bar the Blue of Herbin Anniversary inks. Drool?, yes, get overexcited? Of course! Have 5+ different pens all filled ready to go in WHATEVER colour? Sadly yes – however, The Emerald of Chivor was my 1st in the range – and I was given the Purple for my birthday last year.
    I have even created my own inks based on (here I am going to get into serious trouble!) dried ink in pens, adding some water (filtered), adding a teeny tiny amount of a n other ink & suddenly I have the most gorgeous teal coloured ink – Emerald of Chivor plus a touch of something else!!)

    My only annoyance is I have to use a computer so often that even though I have one of the bureau’s incredibly useful buckle file full of the most gorgeous paper, I find I do not have enough time to simply site & write in ink. (I am beginning to think of just using my fingers as all of my pens leak just enough to let me know I have inky fingers)

    For those not sure about purchasing paper – if you contact certain “specialist paper firms” they will most kindly send you a collection of their papers – free.. Hence the need of the buckle file!

    Inky fingers forever!

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