Review: Diamine Moondust

Review: Diamine Moondust

diamine shimmer moon dust ink

I don’t usually do ink reviews, I leave them to Mishka. But since she has been away and she tends to favour colours, I thought I would slip in a quick monochrome review while she isn’t looking. My current (and only) ink is Diamine Moondust. It is one of their Shimmer range which contains metallic particles giving it a subtle glimmer. The colour itself is a sort of dark grey, or grey black, it sort of changes depending on, well I’m not sure what. Sometimes it writes as black, sometimes grey and sometimes silver, you can never be quite sure what you will get. Some might find that inconsistency annoying but I love it. Much as I like the bright colours we have here, as with clothes and much else, I find myself choosing black or grey so the chameleon-ish nature of this ink makes it more interesting than a standard black.

diamine moondust shimmer ink
It's the same ink, but is it grey or black?

I can’t give you stats on saturation or shading, you’ll have to wait for a proper review for that but hopefully the photos capture the nature of the colour variation and if you don’t like writing in bright colours, Diamine Moondust might be the ink for you.

Reader Comments

    1. Interesting… I wonder if the color change has to do with the way you store your pen? If you store it nib up, for example, the particulates would settle toward the end of your filling mechanism. The ink would then appear much darker initially. As the particulates redistributed during use, their reflective quality would then make the base color appear lighter. Just a thought – I don’t have any personal experience with this ink. I do have have other shimmer inks, though, and the glitter can settle rather quickly.

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