Q&A: How Do Fountain Pen Nib Widths Compare?

Q&A: How Do Fountain Pen Nib Widths Compare?

This table provides a guide to the approximate nib widths of the different fountain pen brands we offer. Please note that this is intended as a guide rather than an exact measurement, useful in comparing the relative nib widths across different brands.

Ultimately, the exact width of the pen stroke will depend on so many factors including the ink and paper used and the style of handwriting applied.

J Herbin Compact Rollerballx
TWSBI Extra Finex
Kaweco Extra Finex
Lamy Extra Finex
Pilot Mediumx
J Herbin Compact Fountain Penx
Kaweco Finex
Caran d’Ache Finex
TWSBI Mediumx
Lamy Finex
J Herbin Plus Fountain Penx
Kaweco Mediumx
Lamy Mediumx
Caran d’Ache Mediumx
Kaweco Broadx
Lamy Broadx
TWSBI Broadx
Kaweco Double Broadx

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