Bureau Mission – To Make Washi Tape A Household Essential Item In Britain

Bureau Mission – To Make Washi Tape A Household Essential Item In Britain

Bureau Mission – To Make Washi Tape A Household Essential Item In Britain

Every home should own at least one roll of washi tape!


We love our washi tape here at the Bureau offices. So much so that we have gone on and on about, from creating our office noticeboard out of the stuff, to getting everyone to think of 3 essential uses of washi tape to 6 great ways to use the tape in a Bullet Journal. We’ve even had a go at making some decorations for Chinese New Year using it.

So I think it’s fair to say that we have been won over by this quite marvellous invention from Japan. And it struck us that this is something that more people should know about. In fact, we would go as far as saying that we think every home in the country would be better off with a roll of washi tape. At least a roll, ideally several. But one roll is a good place to start. It is as essential as, say, kitchen roll or Sellotape. In fact you won’t need the latter if you convert to washi tape – see, that’s another idea thrown in for free.

Washi tape ideas - noticeboard
Make a noticeboard with washi tape

So we are converting that idea of it being a household essential into something of a mission. To persuade as many people as possible of the need to get using washi tape, find out how useful it really is, and to then persuade others of the need.

What is washi tape

examples of washi tape
Examples of washi tape - plain, kids and encyclopedia design

For the uninitiated, washi tape is an amazing invention from Japan. Made from rice paper, the most important bit about it is that it is sticky, like Sellotape or masking tape, but it is also low-tack so that it can be peeled off again without leaving any mark or damage. Whilst we can’t promise that this is 100% guaranteed on every surface, we can say that we are yet to encounter any problems. The secret lies in peeling it off carefully and slowly.

The tape is also easy to tear, so use scissors if you want a neat and tidy look, or tear if you are in a hurry. It also comes in an unbelievable range of widths, colours, patterns and designs. So there really is a roll for every occasion.

From plain tapes you can write on to kids tapes you can learn with, from patterned tapes you can decorate with to designs that you just want to gaze at. What isn’t there to love about this stuff?

washi tape examples
Examples of designer washi tape

Decorative or practical?

Er…both! Yes you can indulge all sorts of creative ideas with washi tape – covering notebooks inside and out, making presents unique and beautiful, Christmas tree decorations and more. The list goes on and there are many more ideas out there online. But it is also so practical. Just take a look at what the team here came up with as suggestions for using the tape.

washi tape - decorative or practical?
Washi tape - is it decorative or practical? Or both?


So to kickstart our mission we are doing a free giveaway. Thanks to the very kind people at MT – making washi tape in Japan since 1923 – we are giving away a little gift pack. Inside you will find a roll of tape and a booklet with 10 fun ideas for using the tape decoratively, plus a mask and little box to make up and decorate. The first lucky 1,000 people to claim their gift can do so online now – you just need to purchase something from us (anything not just washi tape) and the gift will be made available in the shopping basket.

1,000 households may leave us some way short of covering the whole of Britain but it’s a good start and a very kind offer from MT. And if you take up the offer and are persuaded then please spread the word. You’ll be met by some blank expressions at first but once they start to get it, they’ll never look back. And they’ll always thank you for introducing them to washi tape!

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