Lamy Pens Are Cool

Lamy Pens Are Cool

lamy pens are cool

The appreciation of a fountain pen gift - by Ivo and Delilah

We have many friendly and loyal customers, and amongst them is one customer down in Bristol. John is something of a pen enthusiast and he has been a regular customer and communicator with Mishka and Jo.

He recently bought Lamy Safari fountain pens for his grandchildren. They were so happy with their new pens that they wrote a thank you letter. To say thank you. And of course, they wrote their letters with the very same fountain pens.

John was so taken with this that he shared it with us, and said we could share it with you. So thank you Ivo and Delilah (and John) for sharing your love of Lamy pens.

Thank You letter from Ivo, aged 7
Thank You letter from Ivo, aged 7
Thank You letter from Delilah, aged 10
Thank You letter from Delilah, aged 10

It’s always wonderful to see the younger generation pickup a pen instead of spending their days flicking through endless distractions provided these days on a tablet.

At the end of the day it’s up to all of us to inspire the next age of humanity to keep on writing, thank you John for your little bit to keep it going!

Reader Comments

  1. Hello Bureau Team.

    I loved the letters from Ivo and Delilah.

    I regularly give small stationery gifts to two young people of my acquaintence which always goes down well. They haven’t written me a thankyou letter but Grace, the youngest, did draw a poertrait of me, which is alarmingly accurate, in the manner of Picasso. It started when they were six and eight (which always reminds me of “old money”), as a cunning plan to turn them into writers and artists and manages to keep them off their iphones, at least for a short time.

    Best wishes, Ronald.

    1. Awww, that’s so sweet! Keep the portrait safe… who knows how much it will be worth in the future when they are famous 😉


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