new lamy aion due soon

News: The New Lamy Aion Is Coming

new lamy aion pen

The New Lamy Aion - Due Autumn 2017

The new Lamy Aion is due out later this year and looks quite exciting. A brand new pen, designed by Jasper Morrison, and with a completely new nib which intself is an exciting development since almost all other pens use the standard Lamy Z50 nib. Available in fountain pen – with extra fine, fine, medium and broad nibs, as well as ballpoint and rollerball versions. All are availabe in a silver or black metal finish.

More news when we have it!

field notes lunacy edition

Field Notes Lunacy Edition

field notes lunacy edition

FNC-32, Field Notes Lunacy

The latest limited edition set of notebooks from Field Notes is proving to be as big a hit as we had predicted when we first saw them. A true return to form, combining a universally popular theme (the moon) with some technical advances that make them stand out from previous editions. In the case of the Lunacy edition, this means a set of 3 pocket books with a full-colour print of the moon inside the cover. The cover has then been die-cut to reveal the moon beneath, but each book has a different window cut out from full moon to crescent.

As always with Field Notes there is a rather nice video to accompany these books so enjoy a short tea break with this behind-the-scenes look at ‘the moon’.

They are selling fast and although we hope to keep getting more in, they will suddenly run out so grab a set now whilst you can. Click here to buy and see more

making notebook film

Making of a Notebook

A nice short film about stationery

It’s been a while since we posted one of these  – sit back and unwind for a few minutes watching notebooks being made.


Behind the Scenes with the Bureau Bunnies

We had Aslan and Lilly (my own rabbits) come in for a little Easter photo shoot this week, and it was a lot of fun. Everyone wanted to pet them and take pictures, and they loved the attention, and the snacks. Although they did get a little tired towards the end, and Lilly showed it on her face so they went off home for the day and we all still miss having them around the office. Who knows, maybe they will come back sometime…

Anyway, here are some of the great photos of the bunnies that didn’t make it into our newsletter:

Aslan sizes up our bunny decorations.
Aslan sizes up our bunny decorations.
Lilly pulls one of the best 'stink eyes' ever seen
Lilly pulls one of the best ‘stink eyes’ ever seen.
Aslan stops mid-shoot for a little grooming.
Aslan stops mid-shoot for a little grooming.
'Are these eggs for me?'
‘Are these eggs for me?’
'Well they're mine now...'
‘Well they’re mine now…’

Also a note that both bunnies are from rescues, and we encourage people not to buy pets from pet stores, and to make sure they understand the time and effort required to look after animals, especially rabbits.


Love Letters to Strangers

In a heartfelt talk given at a TED conference several years ago, Hannah Brencher the founder of a company called ‘The World Needs More Love Letters’ gave a talk about the impact of letters in her life and what inspired her to start her very unique organisation that aims to send as many letters of love to strangers in need as possible. Whilst we at Bureau Direct have been thinking a lot lately about letters, love and (of course) stationery, we found the talk to be a moving and motivating one that made us wonder why we didn’t ourselves write or receive more love letters these days.

The thought that just a simple idea that helped one person cope with a tough time in their lives could snowball into something global and heartfelt was really touching. Many people nowadays have grown up in a world where every message we send is transient, efficient and some might even say shallow, but like Hannah says ‘what if it’s not about efficiency?’. A message of love committed to paper, even to a stranger, can be more powerful than you know.

My first thought upon seeing this was that it was simply an idea that did not fit with the English temperament and our habits of avoiding all but the most vital interactions with strangers (although that may just be a characteristic of Londoners), but if by taking just a little time to engage in something as enjoyable as writing a letter can be, one could perhaps immeasurably improve the day of someone out there. When we all face tough times in our lives, isn’t it the human thing to write and communicate some positives through writing.

Let us know about times in your life where a letter or message helped you in tough time. If some of you are inspired, why not go out and write some loving notes to strangers, or simply to your loved ones that you may not have written to in a while. You never know how big a difference it could make.


field notes vending machine

Stationery on the go

With the new limited edition Field Notes due sometime in the next few weeks it seemed like a good time to dig out this cute video from Field Notes from earlier this year. I have no idea if it is an actual vending machine but it does seem to be real. An idea for Bureau perhaps…

As for the next edition, well we have as little idea as you. All we do know is that sometime in September or October we get the third edition of the year, and we feel that news could be coming very soon.


Writing on water

Short, but completely mesmerising video by Leigh Reyes, one of the greatest and most talented people in fountain pen world.


Mishka (^_~)

calligraphy and ink

Calligraphy & ink

There are many films out there about ink, calligraphy and the art (is that dying art?) of handwriting, but this one struck a chord with me. Maybe it was the occasional references to stationery classics like Rhodia, Herbin, Palomino and Field Notes, but it was quite beguiling and made me want to stop everything, sit quietly and relax into some ‘real’ writing.

sherwood letterpress


An enjoyable look at a traditional letterpress in Washington State, and it’s just four minutes of indulgent pleasure watching the antithesis of the digital age – inks, printing presses, beautiful papers, letterpressed cards.