A Guide To Dealing With Lamy Fountain Pens

This page contains everything you will need to know about your Lamy fountain pen, including which refills and parts are suitable for your pen and how to look after it including video guides.

Refill Chart

This table summarises all the key refill and spare part information that you will need for your Lamy fountain pen.

PenInk CartridgeConverterSpare nibNotes
2000T51 ink potn/anot available*This pen has an in-built ink filling system for use with bottled ink and so doesn’t take cartridges or converters.
ABCT10Z28 or Z27Z50 or Z52
Accent 95/97 seriesT10Z27Z50 or Z52Z90 or Z91 grip section also available
Accent 98 seriesT10Z27not available*Z90 or Z91 grip section also available
Al-StarT10Z28 or Z27Z50 or Z52
CP1T10Z27Z50 or Z52
CP1 ptT10Z27not available*
Joy CalligraphyT10Z28 or Z27Z50 or Z52
LineaT10Z27Z50 or Z52
LogoT10Z27Z50 or Z52
LxT10Z28Z50 or Z52
Nexx / Nexx MT10Z28 or Z27Z50 or Z52
PurT10Z27Z50 or Z52
SafariT10Z28 or Z27Z50 or Z52
STT10Z27Z50 or Z52
Studio (black, blue, violet, steel)T10Z27Z50 or Z52
Studio (platinum, palladium, anthracite)T10Z27not available
VistaT10Z28 or Z27Z50 or Z52

* Some of the more expensive Lamy pens do not take the standard Z50 nib and we are unable to provide replacement nibs for these pens. You would need to contact Lamy directly for more on this.

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