A Guide To Dealing With Lamy Multi-Pens

This page contains everything you will need to know about your Lamy multi-pens, including which refills and parts are suitable for your pen and how to look after it including video guides.

Refill Chart

This table summarises all the key refill and spare part information that you will need for your Lamy multi-pen.

PenRefillLead refillOther refillsEraser refillNotes
4-pen 3+1M21M40 0.7mmM55 marker*Z15
4-pen 4×1M21M40 0.7mmM70 stylus & M55 markerZ15
CP1 Tripen 759 / 756M21M41 0.5mmM55 markerZ15
CP1 TwinpenM21M41 0.5mm-Z15
Logo TripenM21---
Logo TwinpenM21M41 0.5mm--
PickUpM22-M51 highlighter-
ST Tripen 745M21M41 0.5mmM55 markerZ15
ST Twinpen 645M21M41 0.5mm-Z15
Studio TwinpenM21M40 0.7mm-Z15
Tripen 746M21M41 0.5mm-Z15
Tripen 747 ITM21M41 0.5mmM70 stylusZ15
Twinpen 647 ITM21-M70 stylus-

Video Guides

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