jo's christmas gift choices

Everyone tells me – I am the hardest person to buy gifts for. I am always at trade fairs or checking out what’s new in various nice stores and I have seen everything. Now as Buyer I obviously will vouch for all the items you’ll find here at Bureau but there are some things I like so much I have bought them myself. So this is a list of the things I would like to get for Christmas, if I didn’t already own them.

stojo reusable coffee cup

Stojo Cup

This is my top tip for a Christmas gift. It is under £10, it looks good and it is actually useful. So many Christmas items are straight to landfill and this is kind of the opposite. Everyone could do with one.

flowers 2019 calendar

Good Morning Flowers Calendar

I had this on my desk last year and found it useful as well as unusual. You can have three flowers out at a time which is this month and the previous and following. I have 2019 all ready to go, couldn’t manage without it. It’s so pretty too.

memo water bottle slim

Slim Memo Bottle

Combines usefulness with design cool and always attracts attention when you get it out. The only water bottle I have finally managed to carry around with me everyday. Beautifully boxed like a smart phone, it is a striking gift.

hackney map

Walk With Me Maps

I have two of these framed at home which illustrate my favourite parts of Barcelona. They are a great gift for people who have a connection or love of an area and the London maps celebrate some of the key parts. Hackney is the best-seller.

twsbi eco fountain pen

TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen

I have the all clear version and I love the way the ink sloshes around in the barrel and I use the Diamine Shimmer ink for maximum effect  – see next item on my wish list.  Writes pretty damn fine too.

diamine shimmer inks

Diamine Shimmer Ink

If you use a clear barrelled pen like the TWSBI or Lamy Vista you can see the silver particles settling out from the colour which looks extraordinary. A quick shake before use (with the cap on!) mixes it up and produces a fantastic shimmering result. I love Moon Dust (black silver) and Spearmint Diva (silver green)

mark's travel zip wallet

Mark’s Travel Zip Case

Another brilliant product from us if I may say so. I keep all my upcoming travel documents in this together with my passport so I have it all together and forget nothing. On a recent trip to Berlin I managed to put my phone and wallet in there too so I had everything I needed for the flight after EasyJet took my ‘hand luggage’ off me

caran d'ache 849 fluo ballpoint pen

Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint

A Swiss design classic and the best ballpoint you can buy (apart from a Bic Biro obviously). The fluorescent colours are stand-out and it’s not easily lost in a bag. Only the style-conscious need apply here.