the bureau 2017 stationery awards

The Bureau 2017 Stationery Awards

the bureau 2017 stationery awards


This is the 6th edition of our annual awards for the item of stationery we voted for, as a team. The criteria are fairly open – as long as the item was added to our range during 2017 then it was shortlisted, and each team member voted for their top 5 items. Scores were awarded (10 for a first choice, 7 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd, 3 for 4th and a solitary point for a 5th place). Scores were added, and a top ten was arrived at.

This year we had a clear winner, and with it gaining the top place from three people plus a second choice, it sort of ran away with the voting. The top ten did give a nice spread of items though, so read on and see what we voted for.

Walk With Me Maps

The Walk With Me maps were something of a departure for us this year, and not one that didn’t cause a few waves with some customers, but then maybe that’s a good thing. Somewhere between maps and artwork, these are quite unusual and very beautiful.

Lamy Aion

The Lamy Aion pen came out earlier in the year and whilst not immediately a pen that shouts out how different it is, it actually does have a lot about it worth a second look. From the smart aluminium barrel which is incredibly light for a pen seemingly quite big, to its brand new nib, this pen writes beautifully.

Caran d'Ache 849 Tropical Pen

The Caran d’Ache 849 is a true classic, dating back to its launch in 1969. Since then many a special edition has come and gone, and the latest was these unusual two-tone 849 tropical editions. Very summer-y, and quite refreshing in the depths of a cold winter.

Field Notes Haxley Edition

A very late addition to the shortlist and one that, unsurprisingly leapt into the top ten, was the Field Notes Haxley edition notebooks. A real departure and a welcome one too, these are notebooks featuring the illustrations of a local artist.

Viking Rollo Pad

The Viking range really stood out for one product above all else and that was the Viking Rollo pads. Beautiful paper with equally striking covers featuring their celtic-inspired cover designs.

Diamine Earl Grey Ink

One that caught me by surprise was the popularity of the new Earl Grey ink from Diamine. Brought about through a Reddit group, it inspired our ‘grey’ week and is, to be fair, quite a beautiful colour.

2018 Flower Calendar

The Flowers calendar from Japanese company Good Morning is an item that caused a few issues (let’s move on from that one), this is nevertheless a stunning bit of stationery that is practical and quite beautiful all at once. What more do you need from your stationery?

An extra bonus point for this item – more of us voted for this than any other product, but it gained no big voted and ended up 4th overall.

Kyoto Inks

Kyoto ink was chosen, I feel, not only for the inks (which are indeed very lovely) but also for the whole package – the bottle and the box included. It is just stationery that you want to own, stationery that gives you pleasure from the moment you see it to the the moment you use it.

Diamine Shimmer Inks

The runner-up spot was taken by the new Diamine Shimmer inks. They gained a couple of top spots and were the subject of an Instagram pre-launch feature from Mishka and Faisal so maybe I should have seen that one coming. Beautiful inks as always, with some amazing shimmer.

Taroko Breeze Notebook

And so to the winner. And it’s no great surprise to anyone that has used it that the Taroko Breeze notebook swept the board. First we had the basic Taroko books with Tomoe River paper, then a sign of what was to come with the pocket sized Enigma book, so when a ‘proper’ book was launched it just gave us everything we needed in a book. A ‘proper’ cover, index/contents page, numbered pages, ink swatch pages, Tomoe River paper. I could quibble over the card cover and lack of a pocket but really, this book is as good as anything we have. That’s why I was one of three of the team to vote it as my number one.

winter stationery

Winter Stationery

anatomy of winter stationery

Anatomy of a winter stationery scene

As we clear up after Storm Doris and the newspapers are full of winter weather bombs, it’s time to squeeze in a quick winter stationery blast from the colder recesses of our warehouse. Inspired by the obvious lead item – the Field Notes Black Ice edition was create with winter in mind – I assembled a collection of wintery themed stationery. Enjoy them all before the first green shoots arrive, spirng is upon us and everything goes green and yellow.

From Nordic Blue notebooks to Stormy Grey ink it might seem that there is a lot of winter stationery to choose from. In fact it proved very hard to find anything suitably themed around the idea of winter, especially if you try and avoid Christmas!

With help from Monica I did get there but it maybe says a lot about our aspirations that colours and products are notably leaning towards more hopeful seasons. Spring and summer obviously encourage positive thoughts and so people make and name their products and we duly buy them. Winter turns us off. That’s my theory anyway – here’s what I found in the meantime:

Bureau 2016 Stationery Awards

The Bureau 2016 Stationery Awards

Bureau 2016 Stationery Awards

This is the 5th edition now of our annual Stationery Awards. For those not familiar with the routine, everyone here at Bureau gets to vote to nominate their favourite stationery items of the year, in 1-5 order. Points are duly given and added up and the top 10 is arrived at.

No.10 (joint placed)

In a three-way tie for 10th place were the Moleskine Peanuts diaries, the Mark’s Cockatoo Storage.It notebooks and the Lamy LX.


In an worthy 9th and 8th place respectively we voted the CitiX 60 guides and the TWSBI Eco fountain pens.


Yet another TWSBI – the Lava Orange 580 edition – grabbed 7th place and in 6th it was something I use everyday (but oddly didn’t vote for) – the Blackwing Volume 56 (the one based on Joe di Maggio and baseball jerseys).


Getting to the serious end of the awards, in a Top 5 place was the fairly recent Lunacy edition which felt like a return to form from Field Notes, and has sold amazingly well.


After much discussion we finally took the plunge and brought in the full range of Diamine inks. That’s over 100 inks, and the risk paid off as they have proved hugely popular, with customers and it would seem with staff as well as it has come in at No.4.


And so into the Top 3 and Diamine yet again gets the nod. The new shimmer inks added 12 new colours to the range and as this image shows, they are stunning.


And yet another ink! We were so pleasd when Konrad and Agnieszka at KWZ decided to launch their ink in the UK with us and it has proved a real winner – there is no end to the demand for their Honey ink it would seem.


And so to the winner. And given that six people in the office have one (if you include Isaac, who bought one before he left) it is no great surprise. The Kanken backpack from Fjallraven is already a cult item (just see how many of the distinctive red fox badge you can spot on a trip in London), and are set to get bigger next year it would appear. Simple and practical.

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The winner - Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Fountain Pen Special Edition

Who is the most special of all…?

The results of our 'Special Edition Stationery of the Year 2016' competiton

We recently ran a competition to win some now-unavailable special edition stationery. To enter you had to vote for your favourite special or limited edition item of stationery which we had featured during 2016. There was a surprisingly long list drawn up, of 16 items. And when the competition had closed we were left with a nice little table from 1 to 16 which I thought made for interesting reading. Interesting enough that it was worth sharing with everyone, so here it is.

The winner - Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Fountain Pen Special Edition

No.1 – Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Fountain Pen

Perhaps no surprise that this should win – the clamour for a purple Safari pen had been building for years, online forums had championed it, petitions demanded one. So when Lamy announced that 2016 would be the year the Safari went purple…well, it sold! So well that it has long since sold out and we can’t offer any for you to buy now. You can get get the Safari in 8 other colours but if purple is your thing you’ll be disappointed.

Click here to see the Lamy Safari fountain pen

field notes lunacy edition

Field Notes Lunacy Edition

field notes lunacy edition

FNC-32, Field Notes Lunacy

The latest limited edition set of notebooks from Field Notes is proving to be as big a hit as we had predicted when we first saw them. A true return to form, combining a universally popular theme (the moon) with some technical advances that make them stand out from previous editions. In the case of the Lunacy edition, this means a set of 3 pocket books with a full-colour print of the moon inside the cover. The cover has then been die-cut to reveal the moon beneath, but each book has a different window cut out from full moon to crescent.

As always with Field Notes there is a rather nice video to accompany these books so enjoy a short tea break with this behind-the-scenes look at ‘the moon’.

They are selling fast and although we hope to keep getting more in, they will suddenly run out so grab a set now whilst you can. Click here to buy and see more

Field Notes Snowblind Edition arrives in the mountains

Made for the mountains

Field Notes Snowblind Edition

Field Notes release four limited edition notebooks each year, usually timed to meet with the seasons. The latest limited edition notebook – the Snowblind Edition – therefore had a winter theme. They also like to innovate which is always a good thing as far as we are concerned, and this edition was no exception. The unique feature this time around is that the cover is UV light sensitive and so changes colour depending on where you are. The beautiful white notebook that you have in your hand inside becomes a more practical shade of blue when you venture outside. Especially useful when heading off into the mountains. Now, if only someone we knew was heading off into the snowy wilderness…

Handily Mishka was taking a few days off to head into the Slovakian mountains and so she decided to road test the Snowblind edition. After all, testing it out in the car park here in North West London really didn’t have as much impact. And here are the results.

First up is a before shot taken on the train heading up into the mountains demonstrating the stark white notebook that you first see when you open a pack.

field notes snowblind edition
Field Notes Snowblind Edition inside

Looking pretty white there. So what happens when it ventures out into the sunlight?

field notes snowblind edition outside
Field Notes Snowblind Edition outside

Pretty conclusive. No danger of dropping your book in the snow and losing it. Now it’s just a case of dealing with mountain-envy as we sit here in wet London whilst Mishka drinks mulled wine and gets to look at gorgeous snowy mountains. If you are wondering about the pen, Mishka looks like she teamed her Snowblind up with a rather nice lime green Fisher Space Pen. An appropriate choice as this can handle all conditions.

Field Notes Snowblind Edition on location

Click here to view more on the Field Notes Snowblind Edition

Field Notes Shenendoah


Field Notes ‘Shenendoah’ Edition

Hot off the press, the latest Field Notes limited edition has just been released and will hopefully be winging its way to our shelves very soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about the book and, of course, watch the latest short film from Field Notes.

Shenendoah is a National Park in Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the books are all based around trees from the park – the Sweet Birch, Chestnut Oak and Red Maple. You’ll have to wait for more news on the books – I don’t quite get the idea but maybe that’s just me!

field notes vending machine

Stationery on the go

With the new limited edition Field Notes due sometime in the next few weeks it seemed like a good time to dig out this cute video from Field Notes from earlier this year. I have no idea if it is an actual vending machine but it does seem to be real. An idea for Bureau perhaps…

As for the next edition, well we have as little idea as you. All we do know is that sometime in September or October we get the third edition of the year, and we feel that news could be coming very soon.

Field Notes Expedition Edition


Holiday season is upon us, so I have picked a couple of paper companions. Each one has something special to offer. When travelling you probably want to pack something portable, durable, with pockets for tickets and accessories. Here are the top products that match that criteria:

Mark’s – Storage It in A5+ or A6+
First choice is very obvious. These Storage-It notebooks were made for travelling. Each has a pocket, which is great for carrying passport and phones. Mark’s range offers several inserts, sticky notes etc…
perfect companion Mark’s ticket sticky notes

Clairefontaine – Travel Book in A4 or A5
Interesting book. Vintage on the outside, black&white pages inside. The idea is that you will put your photos/trinkets on the black page and write on the white page. This is an absolute must for those that print their photos using free apps or carry pocket ‘polaroid’ printers.
perfect companion: MT tape and Stabilo metallic gel pen.

Moleskine – Voyageur 
Perfect travel journal. Contains index tabs, so your travels can be managed in style and mixture of papers.
Lovely touch with cloth cover, 3 bookmarks (part, present, future?) and ‘I am here arrow’ for photos. Moleskine won’t short you on cool accessories, these journals come packed with stickers, perforated pages (perfect for packing list, to do lists etc). Handy back pocket for all mementos or tickets.
perfect companion: Paperways mini sticky note set

Field Notes – Expedition
Save the best for last… All of the Field Notes notebooks like to be used and abused. It doesn’t need carrying pouch, would gladly live in your coat or jeans. I have picked it because of it’s pocket size, portability, hi-vis orange cover and dot paper. ‘Paper’ is water and tear resistant which makes it The ultimate notebook aka the survivor. I carry this one in my camera bag and it has all the settings, location, timings inside. Absolute essential 🙂
perfect companion: Fisher Space Pen

We have limited stocks of the Expedition edition, so if it sells out, why not try…

Field Notes Bundle
Get a pack of the classic Field Notes notebooks with a rubber-band pen loop and a Field Notes Clic Pen.

Field Notes Workshop Companion

Workshop Companion

Field Notes 27th Limited Edition

The second limited edition for 2015 is a rather special set of 6 books in a very nice card sleeve. Covering ‘bloke’ topics this gives you a book for plumbing, electrics, gardening, woodwork, painting and car stuff. And as always, Field Notes deliver a quality video to accompany the launch.