marks days ballpoint pen review

Review: Mark’s Days Ballpoint Pen

mark's days ballpoint pen review


The Mark’s Days ballpoint pen is something of a sleeper hit. We have sold them for many years now and they seem to pass under the radar, rarely getting mentioned or featured and yet when I checked the sales they are quite a hit. So I thought I would address the lack of attention and give the Mark’s Days pen a full review all of its own. With the new orange colour just arriving recently it seemed the right time to review one.

Mark’s is a Japanese stationery brand that is known for producing quite smart, stylish if unfussy notebooks, diaries and pens. Often quite innovative, they are quite Japanese in being fine, practical and well-designed (or at least they fit with my idea of what Japanese stationery is all about!). The brand also has something of a French theme about it, and this pen is part of the Days range of books and pens.



From the outset you can tell this pen is going to be a fine writer. It is a slimline pen in a satisfyingly bright colour. The range has the days of the week printed in French on the hexagonal barrel. It doesn’t come in a pen box but it isn’t aimed as a gift in its own right so that’s not a problem for me. Overall, it looks very nice although I would mark it down for being a tad too light in the hand.

I chose the orange pen as it was new, but there are six colours to chose from at time of writing so it should keep most people happy.

Score: 8/10

mark's days ballpoint pens - colour choice


This is not a pen packed with features but then it is not intended to be. It is a lightweight pen, maybe too light for some, with simple push-button action to extend the nib. This is a ballpoint pen with a very fine 0.5mm point. It is a refillable pen so no unnecessary waste, and the refills come in any colour, as long as it is black. The barrel is hexagonal which means it won’t roll off the desk when left.

Score: 7/10


The key here is the fine point. Either you like a fine writer, or you don’t. I really can’t imagine someone who likes a bolder nib would be happy with this as it might feel scratchy. I do like a fine point and I would not describe this as scratchy at all. It is a consistent, even writer. The weight is, as mentioned, just a bit unusual but after a few minutes I forgot about the weight. It takes an OHTO refill and I have always had a soft-spot for OHTO pens so that is a plus for me.

Score: 8/10

marks days ballpoint pen - colours and french days

Value for money

This depends on how you look at it – compared to a cheap biro it might appear a lot (£5.95 at time of writing) but it is comparable in price to other refillable pens like the Noto from Lamy. I think this is a well-priced pen that is nice enough to make you look after it. It is the kind of pen you would feel disappointed if you left it at home or it went missing, and on that basis it is good value for money.

Score: 9/10


I like this pen but the crucial is whether you like fine writers or you don’t. If not, look elsewhere. If yes, then don’t overlook this good little pen in favour of more expensive options.

There is also mechanical pencil version if that is of interest.


Value for money
Mark's Travelife Turnclips

8 Uses for Mark’s Travelife Turnclips


Mark’s Tokyo Edge is a Japanese brand – no stranger to Bureau customers. I would even go as far as calling it a classic 🙂

Designed and made in Japan, the Mark’s stationery places an emphasis not only on contemporary clean design but also on added functionality.  Mark’s notebooks are a hit all year around, diaries season is blooming too, but today I want to talk about something else 🙂 A very small piece of stationery which is so helpful that it deserves it’s own blog post. Mark’s Travelife Turnclips

There many uses for the clips, we found 8 creative and practical ways in which you can use Mark’s Travelife Turnclips which you may or may not know about 🙂

1. Clip is a clip

Mark’s Travelife Turn Clips come in pack of 10 with 2 sizes and each size is numbered 1 to 5. They make perfect bookmarks, dividers and memo holders. I tend to use larger size for filing and smaller size for bullet journals. Ordinary application, I know – that’s why I love using some washi tape on these clips to make them my own.

Click here to see our Washi tape collection


2. Use with Buckle files as clipboard

Buckle files are my go to for carrying pads, loose sheets of paper, calligraphy printouts etc. I am currently doing handwriting drills and this one clip means that I can get them done anywhere.

Click here to see our Buckle file collection

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips clipboard


3. Make a pencil loop

Always forgetting to take your writing tools with you? Clip to the inside cover and slide a pencil snuggly through the gap. Turn clips are probably too small for pens, but if your pen has a clip you can slot that in.

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips pencil or pen holder


4. Use as a mini picture holder

Smaller photos, business cards and postcards can easily sit on your desk with this minimalist holder. Perfect for reminders too.

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips card or photo holder


5. Cable organizer

Another category where Turn Clips and Washi tape team up. This works great, no more crawling under the desk trying to find the right cable. If the cable connection is too big to fit through the arms of the Turn clips you can just take them off, insert the cable and re-install again. After you are done, tag them with Washi tape to remind yourself what is what.

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips cable management


6. Headphones tidy

One of the best hacks 🙂 No more frustrating headphone tangles.

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips earphone holder


7. Keeping those crisps fresh

Super useful in the kitchen. Fold the packet, clip it, done. Works for multiple packets too.

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips keeping fresh


8. Fidget toy

There is something very satisfying about turning these clips and the sound the moving parts make…

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips fidget toyMark's Travelife Turn Clips fidget toy


So that’s it, eight interesting ways in which you can use Mark’s Travelife Turnclips.  Although I’m sure there are many more out there.

Let us know your own cool hacks in the comments (^_~)

Field Notes Expedition Edition


Holiday season is upon us, so I have picked a couple of paper companions. Each one has something special to offer. When travelling you probably want to pack something portable, durable, with pockets for tickets and accessories. Here are the top products that match that criteria:

Mark’s – Storage It in A5+ or A6+
First choice is very obvious. These Storage-It notebooks were made for travelling. Each has a pocket, which is great for carrying passport and phones. Mark’s range offers several inserts, sticky notes etc…
perfect companion Mark’s ticket sticky notes

Clairefontaine – Travel Book in A4 or A5
Interesting book. Vintage on the outside, black&white pages inside. The idea is that you will put your photos/trinkets on the black page and write on the white page. This is an absolute must for those that print their photos using free apps or carry pocket ‘polaroid’ printers.
perfect companion: MT tape and Stabilo metallic gel pen.

Moleskine – Voyageur 
Perfect travel journal. Contains index tabs, so your travels can be managed in style and mixture of papers.
Lovely touch with cloth cover, 3 bookmarks (part, present, future?) and ‘I am here arrow’ for photos. Moleskine won’t short you on cool accessories, these journals come packed with stickers, perforated pages (perfect for packing list, to do lists etc). Handy back pocket for all mementos or tickets.
perfect companion: Paperways mini sticky note set

Field Notes – Expedition
Save the best for last… All of the Field Notes notebooks like to be used and abused. It doesn’t need carrying pouch, would gladly live in your coat or jeans. I have picked it because of it’s pocket size, portability, hi-vis orange cover and dot paper. ‘Paper’ is water and tear resistant which makes it The ultimate notebook aka the survivor. I carry this one in my camera bag and it has all the settings, location, timings inside. Absolute essential 🙂
perfect companion: Fisher Space Pen

We have limited stocks of the Expedition edition, so if it sells out, why not try…

Field Notes Bundle
Get a pack of the classic Field Notes notebooks with a rubber-band pen loop and a Field Notes Clic Pen.


Staff Picks – Marks Silicon Notebook (in red)

Paul’s Choice

mark's silicon notebook

Right so here we are again, doesn’t time fly, let us get on with my second staff pick. This is one I hold quite dearly as it is the first item of stationery I picked up from Bureau. I use the phrase picked up here, because Dominic told me to pick a note pad I liked and test out a product, of course I picked the brightest thing I could see, remember I do love my sparkly gel pens. Well that combined with the fact that it reminded me of Duplo bricks of my childhood (other building blocks are also available). Now onwards we go for some discussion about the notepad itself.

So the notebook I have is the bright red one, mainly because red is my favourite colour, I have no idea what that says about me; well I do but I shall not say it on this blog. Feel free to make your own assumptions. Moving swiftly onwards I am going to be brave and use a rather fantastic word, this notebook is zany. There I said it. Its quirky, bright and there is truly nothing else quite like it. The paper may be plain which I thought would be a pain for writing, but as it turns out it doesn’t really bother me. One of the features I like (a notebook with features shocking I know.) is the two removable pieces, which act as a sort of lock for the notebook. These also proved popular with my boyfriend, which ended up with me buying him a black version of the notebook for Christmas; mainly to stop him playing with my notebook.

The other handy element is the quality of the paper, with fountain pen ink there is slight bleed through to the other side of the sheet, but the next page remains unmarked, not something I have a problem with as I tend to not write on the left hand side, and most wouldn’t use a fountain pen with this kind of book anyway. Now lets wrap this up with three words this notebook is zany, bright and fun (okay four words) and in my opinion what more could you want from a notebook. So until next month; farewell dear readers.