Leuchtturm1917 Details make all the difference.

5 Reasons To Use A Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

Leuchtturm1917 Details make all the difference.

Notebooks are all the same... aren't they? Well, details make all the difference.

Leuchtturm1917 hit the nail on the head with their motto. The details do make all the difference, especially when you’re choosing which notebook to make part of your everyday life. It’s something that will be your partner for a good amount of time, which is why these 5 small tweaks and additions in these Leuchtturm books make them a good candidate.

1. Colours

When it comes to choosing a colour, the Germans have made this a most difficult decision. They have a number of bright, vivid colours that makes it hard to choose just one. My personal favourite is the Berry, looks delicious enough to eat! I did have to give in and get my other close favourites – Emerald and Anthracite Grey.

It also really helps to keep my notes organised, I know which one to take to work, which one I use at home and, most importantly, where to I keep my doodles 🙂

2. Numbered Pages

It’s surprising to look at another notebook after using a Leuchtturm for so long, you realise that many notebooks these days don’t bother with page numbers. It seems like such an incredibly obvious and useful feature you wonder how you could go back to living without them.

3. Indexing

Hand in hand with the numbered pages comes the master key to all of the knowledge within… the index page. Located in the first few pages of the book it lets you note down specific page numbers and a heading, very handy to help look things up in your own books.

Personally it’s helpful to track down certain pages where I have written down some important information or something I need fairly quick access to like a favourite recipe or long boring (but important) processes at work I need to remember.

4. Twin Bookmarks

At first you might think one bookmark ribbon is plenty useful iteself, I wouldn’t disagree with you, but now throw in a second and I find myself using it just as much as the other.

Leuchtturm even went to the trouble of colouring the second marker with a striped pattern to not only look pretty but has the practical function of differentiating between them.

5. Paper

There’s nothing more important in a notebook than the paper. This is the meat of the book, the reason you got it in the first place to store your valuable thoughts and ideas. The Leuchtturm notebook paper works a real treat with my loadout. Not much ghosting or feathering with my largest everyday pen which is a Broad Italic Franklin Christoph.

Diamine Earl Grey Review - Leuchtturm
Diamine Earl Grey

Those are some of the top reasons why I love my Leuchtturm1917 notebooks. If you’re unsure about which notebook you’d like to go for then we’ve put two favourites head to head – Leuchtturm vs Rhodiarama.

Just remember to keep writing and don’t let your notes sit idle. The most important part to enjoy is the time spent creating them 🙂

essential summer top 10 stationery items

Top 10 Essential Stationery Items For The Summer

From Bureau exclusives to great offers, from exotic imports to reinvented cult classics, even something not really stationery at all.


Rhodia Heritage Notebooks

Rhodia Heritage notebooks

A brand new range of books that harks back to older ways of making things. We especially love the Raw Binding notebooks with their spine that has a…well, a raw feel to it. Sturdy, with the classic Rhodia 90gsm paper. One of the beauties of this binding is that it lies flat no matter where in the book you are.

Why you need this item:

It’s a notebook but so much more. Retro styling has been used for a great purpose meaning this notebook will last the course, can handle all the ink you throw at it and it will be a pleasure to use each time you get it out. What’s not to love?


Field Notes Campfire Edition Notebooks

Field Notes Campfire notebooks

Field Notes produce four limited editions a year, one for each season. The summer edition this year is the Campfire edition and it’s one of their best in a longtime. A set of 3 books, each with a different stage of campfire print on the cover (from dusk to night to dawn), plus a ‘campfire master’ sew-on patch. Release your inner scout.

Why you need this item:

A set of rugged little notebooks that you can sling in your bag or your pocket and it means you will always be able to jot down some important thought or note.


Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks

Fjallraven Kanken backpacks

If you haven’t already spotted them around you soon will. This Swedish staple from 1978 is now a bone-fide classic on the streets here. And why? It does a simple job very well – unzip it fully and you’ll find everything you need, no rumaging around in endless pockets.

Why you need this item:

It strips back a backpack to its core function and does it very well. It is waterproof (Fjallraven are Swedish outdoors experts) and then there’s the colours – so many to choose from, whether bright or muted.


Lamy Safari Special Edition Fountain Pen 2017 - Petrol

special edition lamy safari fountain pen

Each year this pen is released with a new colour and it was always a big ask to follow on from last year’s purple. Who would want to be David Moyes to follow Alex Ferguson? (it’s a football reference, don’t worry). Lamy actually pulled it off though with the petrol pen, an unusual but smart teal-petrol green colour. Special editions sell out so when they’re gone they’re gone.

Whilst stocks last we have put this pen on promotion – grab it now for just £14.95

Why you need this item:

The Safari is widely regarded as an exceptional pen – it writes fantastically, is an easy pen to use for everyone and yet costs a fraction of many a more expensive pen. In other words, it’s worth every penny.


Kyoto Inks

kyoto inks from japan

A new ink range just in from Japan, and looking the part. Five colours, all lovely from a black-with-sheen to a dusky blue and a vibrant pink-red.

Why you need this item:

Sometimes you buy things because the sum of it is so much more than the parts. These inks just tick all the boxes, from the packaging to the bottle to the colours to the inks. Worth that indulgence once in a while to treat yourself.


Walk With Me Maps

Walk With Me maps

We all want to decorate our homes with something a little different and these are just that. Beautiful maps-as-artwork from a series of artists covering different neighbourhoods of London, Madrid and Barcelona.

Why you need this item:

Because maps let you dream of places and these are also beautiful to look at – hang one on your wall and it will transport you somewhere.


Taroko Breeze Notebook With Tomoe River Paper

Taroko Breeze notebook with Tomoe River paper

An exclusive notebook to Bureau, this book has it all. Right size, dot paper with an index and page numbers, and even with ink charts to record your favourite inks. Oh, and it has Tomoe River paper.

Why you need this item:

So many reasons but it’s the paper that does it – Tomoe River paper is lightweight Japanese paper that handles ink better than heavier papers, so it’s great to write with and yet packs in more paper for less weight.


Caran d'Ache 849 Fountain Pens

Caran d'Ache 849 fountain pen

The 849 pen is a classic, around since 1969. The addition of a fountain pen to the 849 range just means you can have an ink pen in the classic 849 hexagonal shape.

Why you need this item:

Those bright fluorescent colours were just made for summer.


Limited Edition Blackwing Vol.73 Pencils

Blackwing limited edition Volume 73 pencils

The limited edition Blackwing pencils always have a slightly convoluted naming convention, and this one is no exception (it has something to do with the measurement of the water clarity of Lake Tahoe, but please don’t ask). What is quite certain is that these pencils are a winner. The intense blue is inspired by the waters of Lake Tahoe and the nice touch of the topographic map etched onto the barrel works.

Why you need this item:

Blackwing are widely regarded as the best of all pencils, and so if you haven’t tried them yet then take the plunge and get yourself some. Time to find out why they are so highly rated.


Observer's Astronomy Notebooks

Astronomy notebook

An unusual mix of night-sky infographics and unusual paper rulings might make this book seem a bit too quirky for its own good, but it’s not. It’s really good fun, informative and refreshingly different.

Why you need this item:

Doesn’t everyone love to learn a bit more about the night skies above?

Taroko Notebook with sample writing

A look at the Taroko Design notebook range

Taroko Notebook with sample writing

In the second part of Taroko Design notebook trilogy I'd like to tell you about what we currently have our hands on.

The covers are made out of kraft paper and come in 3 colours, each corresponding to the ruling of the sheets within.

  • Blue cover – plain, white paper.
  • Brown cover – dots, spacing is 5×5, white paper with grey dots.
  • Dark cover – lines, spacing is 7mm, white paper with grey lines.

Steven, the mastermind behind Taroko Design, mentioned that the idea behind the subdued colour of the covers were to keep them understated and subtle. The focus should be placed more on the writer and words written inside. A real mascot against judging books by their covers! If you would like to gain further insight from the man himself you can read the full interview here.

Grey printing of the dots and lines is a lot easier on the eye than black or purple, so kudos here! 7mm is the perfect spacing for ruled notebooks, no matter how big or small the book is 🙂

Each notebook comes with:

  • 64 pages, 32 sheets of 68 gsm Tomoe River white paper
  • Staple binding
  • Rounded corners

Stapled notebooks let you have them open completely flat. You can use all of the paper, on both sides without fighting against the centre parting. Sweet!

3 different sizes, 3 paper rulings - 9 notebooks in total

Taroko Design Passport Notebook

The Passport notebook measures 124mm x 88mm and is the smallest in the range.

Compatible with small – passport Midori Traveler’s Notebook. If you haven’t tried Tomoe River paper yet, then I highly recommend getting this one and never looking back 🙂

I use Passport for swabbing ink samples. Great to use on the go as it fits just about anywhere. It’s perfect go-round little notebook.

It currently sells for £3.95. You can buy one here.

Taroko pocket comparison with Rhodia and Field Notes

Taroko Design Regular Notebook

The Regular notebook measures 110mm x 210mm, the goldilocks of the three.

Compatible with the beautifully crafted regular Midori Traveler’s Notebook. It may seem a little off due to it’s unusual long, slim shape but it has a special place in my book… 😉

Traveler’s Notebook is a huge stationery phenomenon and even tho we cannot sell covers, these refills are our best seller for a reason 🙂

It is currently £5.95 and you can get yours here.

Taroko regular comparison with Rhodia and Midori travellers

Taroko Design A5 notebook

This notebook is the big daddy and measures 148mm x 210mm, which is A5 surprisingly.

There’s no Traveler’s cover for this size unfortunately. Weep as you may but someone here had a brilliant idea to try a Mark’s storage.it A5 cover – it fits!!! This combo makes a pretty good travel companion. Hands up who already has one (or two) of those Mark’s storage.it notebooks.

It currently sells for £7.95. Click here if you want one.

Mark's Storage It Notebook with Taroko A5 notebook

One of the reasons why fountain pens and inks are so popular is because of the feeling you get when you use them. Having a juicy smooth fountain pen, ink with crazy sheen and Tomoe River paper is as good as it gets. It’s fun, it looks great and it feels magical.

I can go on about Tomoe River paper all day, so let’s save it for a separate blog post 🙂 To be continued…


*all prices mentioned were correct at time of writing*


It couldn’t happen….could it?

What Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella thinks of stationery

In a quick-fire questionnaire he was asked which technology that we rely today would be redundant in 10 years time. He did think about the answer unlike most other questions he answered, but he said ‘fountain pens’. With some confidence too. He doesn’t explain why, other than the obvious (digital kills the analogue star, to misquote Buggles). The article tries to expand on this by suggesting apps will relieve us of the need to write with a pen on paper. Two thoughts immediately sprung to mind – first up, who says all demand is driven by need? Does desire not play a part? Surely pens and particularly fountain pens thrive precisely because we desire something tactile and ‘real’ and a pen with its component parts feeding ink to a nib onto paper is a process that is almost mechanical. My 2-year old son loves steam trains (and I mean loves), but after watching hours of YouTube videos of them and having recently travelled on the North Norfolk Railway, there is a fascination and beauty in antiquated technology. Steam trains are surely past any sell-by date but are a wonder of science precisely because you can see how they work? The same for other supposedly ‘dead’ technologies, such as vinyl. Often declared dead by the arrival of CDs and then digital, they are enjoying a surprising resurgence.

My second thought was that many a year ago, back in the original dotcom boom, the phrase ‘the paperless office’ was used with reckless abandon. Yes we have many advances in this area, but I see so much paper being used that it feels like a fools dream. Look no further than the number of notebooks that a company like Google, Yahoo or Adobe purchase – we ourselves have supplied such companies with branded notebooks. The irony of having your notebook and no pen to write in it. Or will the notebook die when it’s bed-fellow the fountain pen dies out before it? Should you be worried if you own a stationery business? No really, should you…?


Faisal’s Year In Review

I am coming up to my first anniversary with Bureau Direct and it feels right to finally offer up a staff review. I use the term ‘review’ very loosely here. Please do not think I know what I am talking about, I am probably much more of a stationery amateur than anyone reading this. These are just some of my ramblings.

For those of you not familiar with myself it is because I do not play a part much in the mail-order side of Bureau, you may have heard me answer a few phone calls when no one else is available (sorry for not being as helpful as the others!). I mainly manage producing branded stationery for company use or for promotional events and conferences. If you want to get in touch, my details are at the bottom of this post! Sorry, a shameless plug there, let’s get back on topic.

Before my time here, I was blind to the wonders of fine notebooks and pens. A stationery peasant, using battered biros laying around the house and supermarket refill pads as ‘notebooks’. Although I wouldn’t call myself a stationery addict (just yet), my sight has been revived and the following are now some of my few treasured possessions.

  1. Lamy Vista Fountain pen

lamy vista

Deep down, I think I have always yearned to own a fountain pen. However, I had always assumed that this would be an expensive dream and never looked into it further. All that changed after working just a couple of weeks here. It was impossible not to notice how popular the affordable Lamy Safari fountain pens were with the customers and that gave me hope.

I took the chance and I am glad I did! I was pleasantly surprised at how much an improvement in fun writing was. In fact, now I exclusively write using my fountain pen. I set myself on the Vista in the end because seeing the colour of the ink through the clear barrel is a novelty that I will never tire of. This leads nicely onto my next choice.

  1. J Herbin Mini Ink Bottles

herbin inks

When you have finally settled on a fountain pen, you then need to find some inks to fill it with! I love bright, exotic colours so my mission was to find such a range of inks. Over the past year I have tried numerous inks from Lamy, Monteverde and J Herbin. All of which have some great colours in their catalogues which really stand out, but I have to go with J Herbin. They just have such a huge choice and there are many that provide that strength of colour that I crave. My personal favourite so far is the Bleu Pervenche.

If you hold no alliance to any one particular colour, it’s a no brainer to go with the J Herbin pick’n’mix option. (Remember to get an ink cartridge converter, the Lamy Z24 in my case!) I personally went for the customisable ten ink set, as it presents your ink in a luxurious black box for safe keeping. I am showing symptoms of addiction already. I have the constant thought in the back of my mind encouraging me, “the more I write, the quicker I can change ink.”

  1. Leuchtturm1917 notebooks

leuchtturm1917 notebooks

As with the public mainstream, the only notebook I had ever known by brand name was Moleskine.  I needed a notebook to track what needed doing for the day and so naturally picked off a standard Moleskine lined notebook of the shelf. They were good enough for the biro I started with but the move to fountain pen was not pleasant. The ink bled through constantly through the pages and everything just got so messy!

However, I kept my first Moleskine to the bitter end and when the last page was used I immediately switched over to Leuchtturm1917 and have never looked back. Not only do the pages not bleed but writing in ink is so smooth and effortless. Even something as simple as the Leuchtturm having numbered pages and an empty contents page makes a tremendous difference in keeping myself organised. Or maybe I like them because the colours Leuchtturm offer on their covers are fantastic.

A year at Bureau is a big step but even greater is the fact I have come out of the stationery shadows and now bask in the powerful combination of a pen, ink and paper. If you are a newcomer to this stage then I would recommend starting with the above. Well, maybe don’t go crazy on the ink just yet…

Here’s the website for branded stationery from Bureau Direct, aptly named Bureau Business: www.bureaubusiness.co.uk

And if you would like to contact me, I am available at faisal@bureaudirect.co.uk.


Whitelines – true innovation

Whitelines notebooks are now in stock

whitelines paper

We are now selling the fabulous Whitelines notebooks. I know they’ve been around a while now, but they really are so different that it is worth highlighting them. The idea is one of those ‘why hasn’t this been done before?’ ideas – all the notebooks and pads you buy have the same basic paper in them. The quality might be better or worse, and it might be plain, or have lines or a 5/5 grid, but it is always darker lines on lighter pages, usually white or ivory. These books invert the basic idea and give a white line, or grid, on a darker background. It is actually a mid-grey background, to be fair, and the idea is that you write with a darker ink which will then stand out far better against the grey background without dark lines interfering.The white lines are there and act as a guide and provide structure, but don’t get in the way.

Perfect for almost any use, from writing to drawing.

Click here to see more