Bureau Washi Tape Noticeboard

The Bureau Noticeboard

Bureau Washi Tape Noticeboard

It’s amazing what you can do with a roll of washi tape

This was done a few weeks back and I have been meaning to show it to everyone. It’s such a simple idea, the only issue being that I would advise using a ruler, a pencil (Palomino, of course), a spirit level and a bit of patience. It only took less than ten minutes but it was worth the extra few minutes spent getting it right because it just looks…well, so much better!

Bureau Washi Tape Noticeboard

Just work out roughly how big and where you want it to go, mark one corner edge, use a ruler and spirit level to get it straight vertically and horizontally and just put down tiny little pencil markers on the wall to act as guides. Cut the tape neatly with sharp scissors, and patiently stick the tape down and remember that the best bit about washi tape is that it can be removed and adjusted if you’re heading off your bearings. And if you’re really heading off your bearings, sit down with a cup of tea, relax and go back five minutes later. Patience, sharp scissors and four neat corners later you’re done.

Bureau Washi Tape Noticeboard

I was even so pleased that I put a notice up to tell everyone what it was when they came in the next day, and a small hook for the tape to hang off. We just tear little bits off and stick our notices up, then remove them when finished. Job’s a good’un.

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tip: washi tape can be removed from pretty much any surface but that doesn’t mean you can go at it like Rambo. Peel it carefully off the wall and no paint will be hurt in the process. Rip it off and don’t blame me if your paint comes too.

poll results

Palomino Poll Result

Who was your favourite cartoon character?

In our recent competition to win a set of Palomino pencils we asked who your favourite cartoon character was from this list of classics, all of them originally drawn using a Blackwing pencil*. The results gave a clear winner…

Tom and Jerry – 47%

Bugs Bunny – 31%

Mickey Mouse – 22%

As someone who grew up on a diet of Tom and Jerry more than the other two I can’t argue with that one.

*For the record, Blackwing pencils ceased production in the 1990’s but have been brought back under the Palomino name. For some they won’t replace the originals (can anything ever? is that another poll for another day?) but for most they are still the best pencil you can get your hands on. Affordably.


A New Member of the Bureau Clan

As a relatively new addition to the Bureau team and also a recent stationery addict, I wanted to make a quick post to introduce myself and also to talk a little bit about the stationery I have already fallen in love with. What seems to be a common tale with those that join Bureau Direct, I started to write with a fountain pen for the first time in years. I suspect it has something to do with the choice of a free pen and paper soon after starting here.

Without realising, I started with one of our most popular fountain pens, the Lamy Vista, but became one of the few to write entirely with green ink; I had to distinguish myself somehow. Since then I have amassed a small collection of notebooks, pens and pencils, but to keep things short here are my top 3 picks.


The Lamy Vista:

So good I already own two, the Vista is just a great pen all round: its affordable, stylish, comfortable and easy to use. I just loved that I could see my green ink sitting inside it. One of mine is currently filled with J Herbin’s anniversary Emerald of Chivor and being able to see the gold flecks still excites me.


The Rhodia:

Having started writing on a Clairefontaine ‘Age Bag’ pad and finding that my pen skipped for some reason, I decided to upgrade to this, the Rhodia paper that everyone kept mentioning. This is now my favourite notepad to write in, ever. Its simple design, easy to tear pages and cool retro look make it the perfect pad to write, draw or plan whatever comes to mind.


The Palomino:

A gift from the office these pencils seemed like the ultimate luxury, I just loved the story behind them and the design is amazing. These things write and draw beautifully and I think as soon as I finish my first one (which was on the house) I will have to buy myself an entire box.

The Palomino Blackwing 602

So I hope you’ll excuse a little gushing from me about some of my favourite new things. Look out for more blog posts than ever; from helpful guides and reviews to interesting stories and news, only on Stationery Wednesday.


Featured: Lamy Vista, Rhodia A5 dot pad, Palomino 602


28 days later

Handwriting course week 4

Handwriting practice with two Palomino pencils. 602 on the left and Pearl on the right. I will need to sharpen them again :)
Handwriting practice with two Palomino pencils. 602 on the left and Pearl on the right. I will need to sharpen them again 🙂

Drills and letter practice continues…first Rhodia A4 pad is finished – that’s 80 sheets of paper. WoW!

Fourth lesson was similar to third one. We did go over more drills and letters. When I think about it, the only ones left out are letters v, w, x, z. And capitals… I am very frustrated because of letters e and f :/ It would be a lot easier to write them with loops. E is square, pointy and weird. F doesn’t look so bad, but connecting is impossible. Writing word fun is not fun at all.

Nevertheless, have to keep writing and using Angular Italic style just about everywhere 😉

Fragile in Italic style going out with Bureau mail
Fragile in Italic style going out with Bureau mail

I had a little test-go at italic nibs again. Turns out, that I really have no idea how to hold the pen. In order to get the line variation it needs to be under strict 45 degree angle. One day…I will return to my Lamy2000, but it will take a lot of practice to get the grip. This picture shows how Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo’s metallic sheen (small “lion”) and J Herbin Vert Olive’s shading. Both amazing 🙂 Honestly, using all these different pens and inks does help!

If you are subscribed to our weekly email, then you probably know that we are now stocking and selling Palomino pencils. I am so chuffed to have this pencil, you can’t even imagine 😉 There are now more and more of practice sheets done with it. I took Pearl to the class and I had to retrieve it several times from my peeps who simply couldn’t put it down. Of course, I had to ask my tutor if it’s OK to write with pencil rather than with pen, and yey! She has approved Palomino. The…truth…is…that…I…would…ditch…my…fountain…pen…for…this…pencil :O

To shine some light on Palomino items…there are 3 different pencils (602, Pearl, Palomino), spare erasers and sharpeners. Sharpener is an absolute must because these pencils go down quickly. 602 pencil is the firmest one, meant for writing. Pearl is softer pencil, meant for both writing and drawing. Palomino is the the softest one meant for sketching. My favourite is the Pearl. Yes, I am a shallow person who shops by the looks. I just love how soft it is, doing flicks is super enjoyable 🙂 As you can see on the top picture, the difference between 602 and Pearl is barely visible, but Pearl feels softer and glides across the page like a silver surfer.

Best advice: keep your pens close, pencils even closer 🙂

Neat trick: Use tracing paper 🙂 If you find a style that you like, see if you can copy it or trace it.

Shopping list:
Palomino Pearl Pencil
Palomino KUM sharpener
Rhodia A4 lined
Triomphe Pad A4

We won’t have a class next week due to half term holidays, so I have decided to catch up with my letter writing. Put all that practice on nice letter writing Triomphe paper 🙂 Keep in touch!

Mishka (^_~)

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blackwing 602

The best pencil ever?

The Blackwing 602

We are just about to launch the Blackwing 602 pencil, and to trail the launch there are a couple of very nice videos to explain what the fuss is about. I could attempt to tell the story myself, but both of these videos do such a good job that there really is no point.

The second video, below, gives a nice persuasive history of the pencil as well. Well worth a quick watch.

Blackwing Boston Globe