Review - Stojo reusable coffee cups

Review – Stojo Coffee Cups

Review - Stojo reusable coffee cups


With the current focus on plastic and its effects on the environment plus the interest in the reusable water bottles we have taken on recently, refillable coffee cups seemed a logical next step. Not keen on the thought of carrying a big cup around though, collapsible cups seemed to be a better idea to me and the best cup around seemed to be the Stojo. But did it really work? As with all new products here at Bureau, we like to be sure that we are selling things we ourselves would happily use so I set out to test one….

First up, the cup itself. It seems to be a sensible size to me, just about the amount of coffee I can manage and it collapses neatly into a smaller disc which is easy to pop in a bag. It collapses quite easily though a small slap on the cup bottom can be necessary to get it to fully retract and there is a removeable band which goes around the outside to insulate your hand from the contents.  When new it smelt a little rubbery (it is made from dishwasher -proof silicon) but a quick rinse sorted it out. And with that, I set off on my morning commute.

Queueing up at the coffee place in Euston I was the only person with a resusable cup. I handed it in and they happily filled it up but offered no discount sadly. The cup didn’t feel hot particularly though the coffee inside was, the protective ring doing its job well. There is a cover for the outlet through which you drink which can be open or closed so your coffee won’t spill as you carry it around though I managed fine with it open. With some time to kill before my train I wandered around the shops with my drink and it was sturdy enough to put down on counters whilst I paid. Once on the train I could place it on the floor with the outlet cover in place without fear of it falling and spilling. Best of all, when I finished the coffee long before my journeys end, instead of having an empty cup to carry around in search of a bin, I just collapsed it, sealed it and zipped it in my bag ready for a quick rinse out at work.


Review - Stojo reusable coffee cups in several colours

So pretty successful really and a good addition to your bag if you drink on the go. I don’t tend to eat or drink whilst travelling so rarely use disposable cups but for those occasions I do – longer train journeys, park cafes that insist on paper cups – I like the idea of avoiding these single use cups. I always have a foldable bag and will carry armfuls of shopping before I’ll succumb to a plastic carrier. Plus I now have my Memo Bottle filled with water on me at all times. The collapsible cup is a logical step forward in the war on plastic and I hereby officially recommend it  – it works!


Two weeks on and I have used the cup several times including once at Pret in Leicester Square where they only offer paper cups, even if you are staying in, and once in the very fabulous Swedish café Bageriet because their dishwasher was broken. I have still to be offered a discount for bringing my own cup but that is sure to come one day and in the meantime I have saved about six cups from landfill.

Value for money