Bureau Mission – To Make Washi Tape A Household Essential Item In Britain

Bureau Mission – To Make Washi Tape A Household Essential Item In Britain

Every home should own at least one roll of washi tape!


We love our washi tape here at the Bureau offices. So much so that we have gone on and on about, from creating our office noticeboard out of the stuff, to getting everyone to think of 3 essential uses of washi tape to 6 great ways to use the tape in a Bullet Journal. We’ve even had a go at making some decorations for Chinese New Year using it.

So I think it’s fair to say that we have been won over by this quite marvellous invention from Japan. And it struck us that this is something that more people should know about. In fact, we would go as far as saying that we think every home in the country would be better off with a roll of washi tape. At least a roll, ideally several. But one roll is a good place to start. It is as essential as, say, kitchen roll or Sellotape. In fact you won’t need the latter if you convert to washi tape – see, that’s another idea thrown in for free.

Washi tape ideas - noticeboard
Make a noticeboard with washi tape

So we are converting that idea of it being a household essential into something of a mission. To persuade as many people as possible of the need to get using washi tape, find out how useful it really is, and to then persuade others of the need.

What is washi tape

examples of washi tape
Examples of washi tape - plain, kids and encyclopedia design

For the uninitiated, washi tape is an amazing invention from Japan. Made from rice paper, the most important bit about it is that it is sticky, like Sellotape or masking tape, but it is also low-tack so that it can be peeled off again without leaving any mark or damage. Whilst we can’t promise that this is 100% guaranteed on every surface, we can say that we are yet to encounter any problems. The secret lies in peeling it off carefully and slowly.

The tape is also easy to tear, so use scissors if you want a neat and tidy look, or tear if you are in a hurry. It also comes in an unbelievable range of widths, colours, patterns and designs. So there really is a roll for every occasion.

From plain tapes you can write on to kids tapes you can learn with, from patterned tapes you can decorate with to designs that you just want to gaze at. What isn’t there to love about this stuff?

washi tape examples
Examples of designer washi tape

Decorative or practical?

Er…both! Yes you can indulge all sorts of creative ideas with washi tape – covering notebooks inside and out, making presents unique and beautiful, Christmas tree decorations and more. The list goes on and there are many more ideas out there online. But it is also so practical. Just take a look at what the team here came up with as suggestions for using the tape.

washi tape - decorative or practical?
Washi tape - is it decorative or practical? Or both?


So to kickstart our mission we are doing a free giveaway. Thanks to the very kind people at MT – making washi tape in Japan since 1923 – we are giving away a little gift pack. Inside you will find a roll of tape and a booklet with 10 fun ideas for using the tape decoratively, plus a mask and little box to make up and decorate. The first lucky 1,000 people to claim their gift can do so online now – you just need to purchase something from us (anything not just washi tape) and the gift will be made available in the shopping basket.

1,000 households may leave us some way short of covering the whole of Britain but it’s a good start and a very kind offer from MT. And if you take up the offer and are persuaded then please spread the word. You’ll be met by some blank expressions at first but once they start to get it, they’ll never look back. And they’ll always thank you for introducing them to washi tape!

Click here to see our full range of tapes

washi tape

3 Reasons You Can’t Live Without Washi Tape

washi tape

Discover how washi tape can transform your life!

Firstly, for those of you who don’t know what Washi Tape is, it’s a Japanese low tack masking tape made in bright colours and beautiful designs. The low tack adhesive allows you to remove it without marking and reposition it easily making it great for labelling and decorating. It is one of those products which can at first have you scratching your head and wondering what you would do with it but eventually you realise just how useful it is and wonder how you ever managed without it.

In an attempt to show just how useful this stuff is, I did a quick check around our office and asked people for their top three uses of Washi Tape. Some people chose the same reasons but then I guess that just demonstrates how good it is for certain tasks.

3 washi tape tips: Dominic's choices

First off, Dominic who has gone for three practical ideas:

1. Marking chargers and leads. Anyone who has had to share a phone or laptop charger will know the familiar issue of ever finding the right charger again. A simple bit of washi tape on the charger and plug and it’s easily identified as your charger. No more arguments over who’s USB lead that was!

washi tape tips - charger leads
Use washi tape to mark your charger leads

2. Keys. A similar idea but again,once you are faced with more than a few spare keys you can never work out which one fits which lock. A small bit of washi tape and you can colour code your keys. Pop them in an envelope, add a bit of washi tape to the envelope as well and you can create a handy key (no pun intended) to the keys.

Washi tape ideas - mark your keys
Mark your keys with washi tape

3. Make your own noticeboard. This one takes a bit more effort, I know, but with a spirit level and pencil (and some patience!) you can easily mark out where to put the tape, and if you neatly trim the ends then you too can end up with your own version of our staff noticeboard. If I can do it…

Washi tape ideas - noticeboard
Make a noticeboard with washi tape

3 washi tape tips: Emma's choices

Emma has chosen the same top use as Dominic proving how brilliant the idea is but then gets a bit more creative, as is her way.

1. Tagging electronics cables. So I know which is which (or whose) iPhone, camera, Kindle.

2. Marking page edges in my notebook (predictable, I know..). This is done by wrapping a piece of tape over the edge of a page vertically so that you get a coloured marker to divide up the book into sections.

Washi tape ideas - page edge markers
Make simple page markers using washi tape

3. Decorating wrapped presents. Creating borders, using tape as a label, patterns using tape, decorating the tags. You can also decorate letters to make them stand out.

Washi tape ideas - wrap a present
Decorate a wrapped present with washi tape

3 washi tape tips: Faisal's choices

Faisal, a keen photographer, has a more unusual use for the tape.

1. Holding things in place. When taking photos or marking out the “stage”. This is useful when you need to remember exactly where an item was between shots.

Washi tape ideas - floor markings
Use washi tape to create a simple marker

2. Food packets. Closing half opened packets of food e.g. crisps, cakes, pasta.

3. Sticking notes to things. Like a Post-it note.

Washi tape ideas - post notes
Don't mark that wall! Use washi tape instead

3 washi tape tips: Mishka's choices

Mishka shares the love of page marking with Emma but has a couple of other ideas.

1. Pen grips. A piece of tape around the top of your fountain pen can make grip less slippery and easier to hold.

Washi tape ideas - pen grips
Washi tape can mark up pens or create pen grips

2. Paper reinforcing. You can use tape to reinforce punched paper in folders. When holes have torn or before they do, you can add strip of Washi Tape and punch through that. Super strong!

Washi tape ideas - punched paper
Washi tape can reinforce punched paper

3. Bullet Journaling! Bookmarking pages for Bujo or Bullet Journaling. Easy way to divide up your book in to sections, can be on ends of page to make index or to make markers.

Washi tape ideas - bullet journals
Washi tape in your bullet journal!

3 washi tape tips: My choices

For myself, I keep a couple of rolls at home and mostly use it for practical purposes.

1. Food. My absolute top use is labelling food, especially for the freezer. I use the plain tapes and then label and date everything I put in there. I forgot to do this recently and was rewarded with a bag of tagliatelle for my stir fry instead of noodles. Very annoying.

Washi tape ideas - food packets
Use washi tape to mark food packets or containers

2. Sticking notes up around the house. To remind teenagers to do stuff – “Unload the dishwasher please”, We need milk” and “Do Not Eat This!” would be examples

3. Emergency wrapping paper. Making plain or kraft paper into emergency wrapping paper for a present when I have run out. The patterned versions are good for this. It can look fantastic.

Washi tape ideas - wrapping a present
Make a plain present amazing with washi tape

There are many Pinterest pages devoted to this amazing product, in particular the decorative uses where people have covered lampshades, bookcases and even a car. We even have our own Washi Tape Pinterest Board that you can browse.

Incowrimo 2017 Letter

Incowrimo 2017 – Writing Letters – Part 2

Incowrimo 2017 Letter

International Correspondence Writing Month. One a day. Every day. February. That's the tag line that got me interested last year 🙂 Are you ready to take on the challenge and put pen to paper?

You can read the first part of our series on Incowrimo 2017 here.

What to write always seems to be the hardest thing about Incowrimo. The good news is that it’s actually easier than you think. Reconnect with people – find something you have in common. Write about something nice 🙂 Be kind, ask questions, or just one 🙂 Keep it light.

I always mention pen and ink combo and then decorate remaining space with doodles, ink splats, stamps, washi tape, stickers, etc.

Plan your incowrimo – it’s perfectly fine to start with few quick thank you notes, postcards, Valentine’s card and slowly build up to letters.

Incrowrimo 2017 postcard ideas

In this second part of our letter writing series, we will be looking at paper and filling those envelopes.

My recommendation for a more sophisticated writing experience are the Original Crown Mill sets. Each box comes with enough stationery to get you through a month of incowrimo, easy.  The laid paper in these sets are the reason why this feels luxurious. Ordinary copier paper is no match for the ribbed texture here which looks and feels more personal. That is the tone we want for Incowrimo 🙂

The Crown Mill comes in two different sets. The gold box comes with cream coloured materials. Silver box contains white paper and envelopes.

Incowrimo 2017 letter on a desk

When I talk about writing letters I have to mention Triomphe. It is a brand of pads and envelopes by Clairefontaine – famous for its glassy smooth 90gsm bright white paper. These pads have plain paper in them and come with a ruled cheat sheet which will magically help you write in neat, straight lines. Simply genius 🙂 Envelopes are lined with white paper and the seal is diamond shaped which makes them perfect contestants for wax seals. They certainly do look classy and are fantastic value for money.

We had these pads reviewed by the wonderful Azizah on her blog. Have a look – there are some fantastic photos which will inspire you 🙂 Perfect incowrimo cue.

My go-to is Rhodia R pad. Some may consider it as a budget option because it is just a pad. Don’t be fooled – it is gorgeous 90gsm buttery smooth ivory paper. We sell them in plain or lined paper. I pick lined over plain because when writing, I can anchor the letters to the lines and find it makes my handwriting look neater. Certain fountain pen inks ‘shine’ on ivory paper, others look great on bright white paper. My top 3 inks for ivory paper are KWZ Honey, Diamine Syrah and J Herbin 1670 Caroube de Chypre. Pages tear out easily, one by one, and it does look rather smart 🙂

Incowrimo 2017 letters with clips and washi tape

Last year we were part of Letters Live 2016 which was a spectacular event, defo check out for a spark of inspiration and get on for further information.

Next week we’ll be helping you out with some ideas and creations we’ve been prepping for our own contribution to Incowrimo 2017 🙂 See you soon!

Incowrimo 2017 letters and ink
Bullet Journal with Incowrimo calendar

Incowrimo 2017 – Writing Letters – Part 1

Bullet Journal with Incowrimo calendar

February, the shortest month of the year is almost here... For many stationery geeks this is the time when we sit down and write one letter a day to someone. INternational COrrespondence WRIting MOnth aka Incowrimo here we go...

In the beginning it was a simple idea – write more letters. Vintage social media beats email/text every time. It is without a doubt more romantic and personal.

February was picked because it is the shortest month of the year. So if you commit, you will only need to write 28 (29 during leap year) letters, cards, postcards, notes, post-its, napkins…

Who you write to is up to you, of course. This is a fantastic way to reconnect with old friends and family. Write to loved ones, write to strangers…or write to us if you like 🙂

To start off Incowrimo, I make a list of 28 souls 🙂 Next step is my favourite one – grab all the stationery which I can find around the house/office and start brainstorming 🙂 The usual ingredients are: envelopes, paper, cards, postcards and stamps. Extras like shimmering inks, washi tape, wax seals, stamps are the cherries on top.

Bullet Journal with Incowrimo calendar

In part one of this letter writing series, we will be looking at envelopes.

Envelopes are the first thing that your recipient will see, so I try to make them stand out.

Colour usually does the trick – your bank would not send you statements in pink envelopes 🙂 Silver and gold envelopes catch the eye and say “you are special.” Plain envelopes are okay – Decorate! Why not recycle any old ones too?  Incowrimo is prime time to open that stationery drawer grab the cute stuff which is too good for use in your journals.

Check carefully that you have the correct address and also write a return address – you never know, one letter can be the beginning of beautiful pen-pal friendship 🙂

Make sure you use some kind of waterproof ink – this goes especially for fountain pen users in UK where we get a lot of rain. Iron Galls should do the trick, if you don’t have such inks, hack it with clear tape over the address or use clear wax to make it waterproof 🙂

I participated in Incowrimo 2016 while I was working on improving my handwriting. Those two go hand in hand and it was really rewarding to put all those hours of practice to some good use. Commiting to do something for a month became a lot easier as soon as I put my mobile away. Go offline and take time to unwind. Sit down, surround yourself with stationery, put nice music on and focus on someone and then just write… It is a very happy place, trust me 🙂 What are the chances that you will start a new hobby after writing 28 letters?

One last piece of advice. If you think that 28 letters is a lot and you will struggle, set yourself some kind of reward – a beautiful pen or new ink works for me every time 🙂

If you would like to join and pledge to write one letter/card/note a day please head over to

In Part 2 of Writing Letters for Incowrimo we’ll focus a bit more on what goes in the envelope… (Hint: It’s paper!)

Bureau Washi Tape Noticeboard

The Bureau Noticeboard

Bureau Washi Tape Noticeboard

It’s amazing what you can do with a roll of washi tape

This was done a few weeks back and I have been meaning to show it to everyone. It’s such a simple idea, the only issue being that I would advise using a ruler, a pencil (Palomino, of course), a spirit level and a bit of patience. It only took less than ten minutes but it was worth the extra few minutes spent getting it right because it just looks…well, so much better!

Bureau Washi Tape Noticeboard

Just work out roughly how big and where you want it to go, mark one corner edge, use a ruler and spirit level to get it straight vertically and horizontally and just put down tiny little pencil markers on the wall to act as guides. Cut the tape neatly with sharp scissors, and patiently stick the tape down and remember that the best bit about washi tape is that it can be removed and adjusted if you’re heading off your bearings. And if you’re really heading off your bearings, sit down with a cup of tea, relax and go back five minutes later. Patience, sharp scissors and four neat corners later you’re done.

Bureau Washi Tape Noticeboard

I was even so pleased that I put a notice up to tell everyone what it was when they came in the next day, and a small hook for the tape to hang off. We just tear little bits off and stick our notices up, then remove them when finished. Job’s a good’un.

Click here to view all washi tapes

tip: washi tape can be removed from pretty much any surface but that doesn’t mean you can go at it like Rambo. Peel it carefully off the wall and no paint will be hurt in the process. Rip it off and don’t blame me if your paint comes too.

rushed circular

Happy Chinese New Year

happy chinese new year

London is home to some of the biggest celebrations for Chinese New Year outside of Asia, and to celebrate we thought we would come up with a rather nice way to decorate some Chinese paper lanterns. These are easy to put together and add a perfect bit of decoration to any office, home or party.

All you will need to do the very same is:
– A few rolls of washi tape
– Some paper lanterns

washi tape and lantern

To start with you have to put the paper lanterns together, they will probably come with instructions.

Pick your tapes and decide in advance how you want your pattern to look.

starting tape

I had to take my tapes out of their lovely display box as it was easier to work with them out. Just wrap the tape around one end of the lantern and draw it along to the bottom and wrap it around the rim, this will help keep it in place and stop it looking creased.

completed rainbow

A neon rainbow was my first design, but then things got a bit more adventurous.

Had a go at making the tape lines go around the lantern horizontally, this proved a lot trickier than I’d first thought, because of the curve you can’t simply wrap the washi tape around in a straight line. By using lots of smaller pieces it was definitely conceivable, but I didn’t think my rushed attempt was all that great.

rushed circular

BUT on the plus side the vertical lines worked great and so I liked the balance of the two red MT tapes from the two piece deco series (Kasuri/Honmame) as the red complemented the Chinese New Year theme and the two tapes were designed to work well with each other. I think any of the two part tape sets would look great, as well as the full sets of Masté (there were the perfect amount of colours in mine).


Voila. We’re still not certain where in the office they should live but I will definitely be making some more with different tape choices. Also to make them even better you could put lights in them to really stand out.

These are a great and easy decoration that anyone can put together either for birthdays, weddings or more, adding a little vibrancy and colour of your choice.

To have a look at the abundance of different washi tapes we have go to either our MT washi tape page, or our Masté washi tape page.

P.S. the writing at the top should say ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese, and it is written with my favourite J. Herbin Anniversary Ink Emerald of Chivor.


Crown Mill A4 & A5 Box

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Stationery Lovers

We know many of you out there might shun Valentine’s day, but love it or hate it there will likely be some of you with significant others that either love stationery just as much, or that you wish loved stationery (in which case what better way to get them hooked). We’ve come up with some gift ideas that are perfect for any stationery lover:

1. J. Herbin Marbleised Glass Pens

These beautiful glass dip pens from J. Herbin are totally unique, each one is different and they work perfectly for dipping in a number of different inks. Get these with a set of J. Herbin Pick’n’Mix Mini Ink Bottles and you can change colours with just a simple rinse of the pen. Why not also get some nice paper or a writing set to go with it, so that your loved one can write beautiful letters (to you, obviously). Click here to see more.

glass pens

2. Washi Tape

Do they love cute things? Or do you want to make your Valentine’s Day card and gift wrap to stand out? With these you can go down either a more traditional Valentine’s route or you could make it your own, there are patterns and colours to suit any disposition. There are also some Masté gift cards with heart cut-outs so that you can decorate them with any tape of your choice for a great and personal Valentine’s card. Click here to see more.

Washi tape and cards

3. Vista & Anniversary Ink Compilation

This is a bundle that is sure to make any fan of fountain pens smile. The J. Herbin Anniversary Inks come in a range of colours and each one is beautifully packaged and filled with golden flecks. This bundle comes with a Lamy Vista and a converter, so that they can get started with their exciting new ink straight away. Otherwise the Anniversary Inks make great gifts just by themselves. Click here to see more.

4. Original Crown Mill Writing Set

Any fan of beautiful stationery will love  these, in either a gold or silver box for A4 or A5 these writing sets are gorgeous to look at, and there is something romantic about letter writing in itself. There are also the coloured edge sets, which (if you know their favourite colour) can make a colourful addition to someone’s collection. Click here to see more.

Crown Mill A4 & A5 Box

5. Leuchtturm Notebook

Almost everyone likes to receive notebooks, they are attractive objects that suggest possibility and creativity. The Leuchtturm notebooks are known for their quality, and you can also choose them in almost any colour you like, there’s even a gold edition for those with a taste for the decadent look. Click here to see more.

Coloured Leuchtturm stack

6. The Space Pen

An odd choice you might say, but for those of you with a slightly geeky other half, a gift like the pen that the Apollo mission used could go down a treat. Also available in a range of styles from rainbow to black titanium. Click here to see more.

space pen

So let us know, who is the bigger stationery addict in your relationship? What will you write your Valentine’s cards with?

Click here to see all our products.



Bureau 2015 Stationery Awards

The Bureau 2015 Stationery Awards

Our Top 10 New Products of the Year

This is the 4th Annual Bureau Stationery Awards and each year we chose our top products of the year. The only criteria is that they are new to our range during the past 12 months, and we vote on whatever basis we chose – price, value, style, function, innovation, cute-ness. Whatever we like in a product. The votes are then compiled and a winner’s list announced. This year with so many more staff we extended the awards to a Top 10. So without further ado, here are the winners and runners-up.


Nos. 10 to 8

The Bureau Top 10 of 2015 awards_no9 awards_no8

In 10th place was the useful-yet-fun smile clips from Ohto of Japan. Why clip papers together with boring old paperclips when these smiley faces will do the job for you?

In 9th place it was the Nuuna Glow in the Dark notebooks. Give them a good charge of natural light and flick the switch to watch it glow. Fun, but these are seriously nice notebooks as well.

In 8th place it was that old favourite, the Lamy Safari fountain pen. Why? Because this year’s limited edition (sorry, special edition) colour was Neonlime. Now sold out sadly but look out for a new special edition colour in April 2016!


Nos. 7 to 6

The Bureau Top 10 of 2015 awards_no6

Getting down towards the serious end of the voting, in 7th place was the fairly new arrival of Diamine Shimmer Ink. Ten colours of rather wonderful ink each with its own metallic shimmer inside.

In 6th place was another recent arrival – Maste washi tape from Mark’s Tokyo Edge. This is an alternative brand of washi tape, and whilst it is a direct rival to our favourite MT tape, we chose it for the very different designs it brought to the party, from baby pandas to cosmic rainbows.


And now the Top 5

The Bureau Top 10 of 2015

In 5th place was the only one of our Stationery Compilations to make it into the Top 10, but it was a very popular choice with the customers too. Known as Compilation No.10 it was made up of a Lamy Vista fountain pen and a bottle of the Herbin 1670 Anniversary Ink, it was packaged in a nice Lamy gift bag and made a good gift as well. The Vista was chosen as it is the pen of choice round the Bureau office – last count saw almost everyone with one (except me) – and because the clear barrel shows off the stunning Herbin ink to its best.

The Bureau Top 10 of 2015

Talking of Herbin Anniversary Ink, look what came in at number 4. Yes, the new Emerald of Chivor ink was the fourth colour in this amazingly popular range of inks and proved another big hit. Faisal’s gorgeous shot of the tempest-like ink says it all.

The Bureau Top 10 of 2015

And so to the Top 3 and in 3rd place it was the fun and playful Midori paperclips. As always, fun doesn’t mean frivolous as they are still a paperclip and serve a useful purpose around the office. But still, a paperclips shaped like a penguin or a cat? Surely makes you smile more than a boring old paperclip?

The Bureau Top 10 of 2015

And in 2nd place was the simply phenomenal Palomino pencil. Added to the range with a degree of uncertainty – after all, we have to sell them in boxes of 12 and they’re something of a punt if you’re unsure – they have proved such a success. The vote was for the three ‘core’ pencils in the range – the softer Blackwing, the harder 602 and the middle-of-the-range Pearl. There are also some limited editions out there such as the brand new 1138 edition, but we voted for the classics and they are a worthy second place.

The Bureau Top 10 of 2015

And so, to a trumpet fanfare, here is our Number One choice. And in true Bureau style we have voted for something you cannot buy. The special edition Copperorange Lamy Al-Star fountain pen was an object of beauty, rich and metallic and such a shame that it sold out in weeks. Maybe that added to the mystique around the pen? Anyway, as with the Lamy Safari we are due a new special edition in 2016 – look out for Charged Green sometime around February (think of a metallic lime-y green).

Click here to view the 3rd Annual Awards in 2014

Click here to view the 2nd Annual Awards in 2013



MT keys

The Wonder of MT

How we moved offices using MT tape

Having just had to go through the pain of moving offices, there were some highlights. The removal firm was fantastic, we did the move all according to plan and, best of all, was the discovery that MT tape was fantastically useful – before, during an after. We used in all sorts of ways to make the move easier – all those little things that add up to an easier day. And having moved, I have discovered a new use for the tape – all the spare keys are identified by tape, each one representing a different door or padlock. Having just been faced with a whole new set of keys, and not wanting to put them in a drawer and then never know which key opened which lock, I marked up each one and now will always know what each key does.

During the move we used the tape to mark items of furniture, stick notices to walls to help the removal team, bound items together and more. The beauty of washi tape is that it doesn’t mark or leave anything behind, so no time wasted trying to get tape and stickers off desks and walls, no peeling paint in your nice new offices five minutes after you’ve moved in.

All you need is a good selection of tape – we had several spare rolls lying around so it was easy but just select half a dozen rolls – colours, patterns, the more varied the better – and keep them in your drawer. Whenever you need to stick something up, bind something together or clearly identify different items, reach for a roll of tape. It will transform your life.

See our selection of MT tape here

MT tape
A selection of MT tape

Staff Review – MT Tape

Jo’s Choice

I have been meaning to post a review of this stuff since we first got it in a while back. Initially we had just a small selection of MT washi tape and though it ticked all the boxes for selection – unusual item, cool design, cult following, desirable – I wasn’t entirely sure what I would actually do with a roll. I had a go at covering my Moleskine diary and that looked quite nice but beyond that, well, I couldn’t really think what to do with it. After we decided to go nuclear with the range and get a large selection of designs in, I took some home to see if I could find a use for the rather puzzling little rolls. And now? Well I can honestly say that it ranks alongside kitchen roll in our house as an item that we can’t imagine doing without. What are we using it for? Everything! Everyday I find a new use for the little roll on my kitchen top.

Top of my list is labelling things; items destined for the freezer get a strip of tape on them on which you can write a description and a date. No more confusion about what the strange shaped frozen items are or how long they have been there. Previously, being an organised sort of person, I used to label items but they always seemed to fall off in the cold leaving me with a pile of neat little labels and a load of unidentifiable products. The low tack adhesive works a treat in sub-zero temperatures and the strip of tape can also keep the bag sealed. In fact the low tack adhesive is the key to the tape’s success as it can be easily removed from any surface. Thus sticking notes on doors or walls – don’t forget to take car for MOT!, – won’t result in damage to paintwork. We have used it to repair damaged bags of flour and sugar, re-seal bags of pasta and rice, tie cables together and identified our individual phone chargers and headphones. At work I use it to mark new products in catalogues and make notes about them, others here use it to make indexes in their notebooks.

Creative types embellish envelopes and cards and do cool things with presents and there are many amazing ideas on the internet. I am sadly not so creative but I am hopelessly organised and MT tape is just so insanely useful. There are lots of nice patterns available – the tapes with maps and planets on have been best sellers since we introduced them but I favour the plain tapes however as they are easy to write on, especially the lighter colours.

Prices start at £2.50. See more here.