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A bit of history

First Shop Opened
First Online Sale

1995, London

On Saturday 2 December a quiet stationery revolution took place. In a side street somewhere between Leicester Square and Covent Garden a new shop opened its doors for the first time.

Selling a bright and bold mix of stationery sourced across Europe, from colourful Swiss files to quality French notebooks. Even A4 filing cabinets (does anyone even know what foolscap is now?).

And the first customer bought….(drumroll)…a roll of sellotape. Nobody said the revolution would be easy!

Sadly the shop has long gone but we do still have a little shop – find us here now

Going online

When we first went online it felt like we had missed the boat. After all, didn’t everyone go online in 2000? It seems strange now to think of online shopping using a dial-up internet connection. When we did go online it coincided with the widespread arrival of broadband (here in the UK anyway) and a new chapter in our history was born.

I guess we feel like old-timers now having been selling online since 2003, but given how much the online shopping world changes each year we feel like we are starting over each year!

Who we are

Meet the team

We’re a friendly team and have always made a point of breaking down any barriers between online shops and the customer. We’re a real team of real people and we’re always happy to chat about your order, your stationery or just chat about…well, things. You’d be surprised what we find ourselves chatting about.

If you would like to know a bit more about the team, who we are and what we like, then feel feel to find out more.

Coming soon!

dominic and jo irons

Brother & sister

There are family links throughout the history of Bureau. Now run by brother-&-sister Dominic and Jo, it was originally set up by Jo and their mother Kathy. Whilst you are unlikely to find Ken, their father, on the phones or handling the chat facility, he is still a regular presence behind the scenes.

Many other family figures have passed through the business over the years and recently a new generation has been seen starting there. The stationery baton may yet be passed on…

What are we about?

So how do we define ourselves? What makes us different, unique, special?. In simple terms, we would say that:

We are famous for awesome stationery

Yes, the stationery sits at the heart of it and it is stationery that should excite you.

We organise your life

It’s an elusive dream we all chase – the impossibility of being better organised, all the time. But stationery can help you get closer to that goal.

We always deliver exceptional service

It is something fundamental to what we do – and we do it the simple way. By just giving the service that we would want to receive as a customer.

caran d'ache 849 fountain pen
spiral bound notebooks
good morning flowers 2018 calendar
J Herbin 1670 Caroube de Chypre Ink

More than just a product

Kaweco Pens & Inks

Stationery doesn’t have to be dull. We specialise in finding stationery that stands out, that makes a fashion statement, that you can feel proud to own and use. Our five principles still hold true today.


Stationery should serve a purpose and we firmly believe in this. The stationery we sell should be practical and useful, and make a small positive difference to your life.


Stationery should be as much about pleasure as function – if you enjoy using something that is well designed and looks good then you will use it more often.


Colour adds life. Whether it is to coordinate with other items, your room or just because you like it, the right colour is important.


There is always something new and we always want to find it. Stationery may not be the most innovative of area of product design but we believe that you will be surprised by what we can discover.

Value for money

Finally, we also believe that everything we offer should represent good value. It may not be the cheapest stationery you can find, but it certainly isn’t expensive. Sometimes it is worth paying a bit more.

J Herbin Fluorescent inks on black paper under UV light
Field Notes Lunacy Edition

Let us inspire you

Sometimes you don’t know what you want, you just want something. Or maybe you just want to be tempted by beautiful stationery with no intention to buy. We have made a point of showcasing not just unusual stationery but also making it that bit more gorgeous. Cool stationery is all very well, but you have to display it right as well.

Most obviously through our photography and in our weekly Stationery Wednesday email we have gone the extra mile to seduce you into wanting it.

Worth a thousand words?

Something we have taken great pleasure in doing is keeping almost all of our photography in-house. Sometimes even the most humble item of stationery takes on a completely new form when caught on camera.