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We have a shop in London where you can try out our wide range of pens, inks and papers. With over 300 inks you might want to be sure of getting the right colour before you buy. Or maybe test out different nib widths to find the one most suitable for you. With our expert staff on hand to help with advice, you can chat with us or simply sit and play with the pens and ink.

Why not make a trip of it? After all we are only a 30 minute walk from Portobello Road/Golborne Road along the canal.

Remember, if you have something particular in mind, it’s always best to check before you come that we have it in stock.

The shop is open Monday to Friday from 09.30 to 17.00. We are not open at weekends.

The address is: 89-91 Scrubs Lane, London, NW10 6QU